The US has imposed sanctions against six militants, “Haqqani Group”

The US has imposed sanctions against six militants, “Haqqani Group”


США ввели санкции против шести боевиков «Группировки Хаккани»

This move is seen by analysts as another attempt by Washington to put pressure on Islamabad in the fight against terrorist groups in the region

WASHINGTON, January 25. (Reuters). The United States imposed on Thursday sanctions against six individuals associated with the Afghan Taliban and associated “Haqqani Group”. This decision was obyavlenie than a month after President Donald trump ordered a significant reduction aid in the security of Pakistan in connection with his reluctance to strengthen the fight against militants.

Under the new package of measures designed to counteract terrorism and announced by the Ministry of the Treasury, two Pakistanis and four Afghans living in Pakistan do not have access to the U.S. financial system.

Although this step is unlikely to create real problems for the above-mentioned persons, the decision of Washington reiterated its frustration with Islamabad, as the latter provides shelter and other assistance to rebel groups.

In one of his tweets on the first day of the new year, trump said the United States “foolishly” gave Pakistan more than $ 33 billion of aid, while Pakistan “did not give them in return but lies and deceit, believing that our leaders are idiots”.

“They give refuge to terrorists, for which we’re hunting in Afghanistan, with a little help. Enough!” – read the tweet of the White house. This statement has forced U.S. officials fussed and they suspended the allocation of funds to Islamabad on security issues, which later the U.S. government has estimated at about $ 2 billion.

The Pakistani government was furious. His national security Committee of senior civil and military chiefs condemned the move as “completely incomprehensible”. US Ambassador David Hale was summoned to the foreign Ministry for an explanation.