The US is preparing a coordinated response to a chemical attack in...

The US is preparing a coordinated response to a chemical attack in Syria


США готовят скоординированный ответ на химическую атаку в Сирии

President trump warned that those responsible will pay “big price”

The United States on Tuesday held consultations with the allies discussed a possible military operation in Syria, which would be a response to the use of chemical weapons against the opposition.

“We expect a coordinated response, no matter how (the answer) was not” – said state Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

President trump warned that the perpetrators of the use of chemical weapons will pay a “big price”. The attack in Eastern ghouta on Saturday killed at least 40 people.

In recent days, trump held a series of talks with the leaders of Britain and France, discussed a possible response to this action.

Trump blamed the attack on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and the Iranian authorities and Russia’s support to Damascus. The Syrian authorities deny any accusations. The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons said Tuesday that it will send to the region their representatives for investigation.

Russia in the UN security Council veto, blocking the US-proposed draft resolution, which was intended to establish a special Commission to investigate the incident.

Officials in the White house refused to answer the question of whether long-term U.S. military action in Syria, or Washington is going to only one strike at targets in this country.

“To this question there is no easy answer, said Tuesday in an interview with “voice of America”, the former head of the joint chiefs of staff Admiral Michael Mullen. It’s a very sensitive and dangerous subject, and I fear that the situation could deteriorate very quickly.”

Nakaune President, trump said that he would like to withdraw American troops from Syria, noting that they have made significant progress in the fight against militants of the “Islamic state”. Admiral Mullen did not agree with this assessment.

“Several thousand troops that we have in this region, a stabilizing force, he said. – I believe that they should remain there until, until you fulfill all the tasks.”