The US put on Russia the responsibility for “continued use” of chemical...

The US put on Russia the responsibility for “continued use” of chemical weapons in Syria


США возложили на Россию ответственность за «продолжение применения» химоружия в Сирии

The state Department made such a statement after the report of the OPCW on the chemical attack in Saraqib

The United States put on Russia the responsibility for “continued use” of chemical weapons in Syria, reiterating the firm intention to prosecute “all” involved.

“For seven long years did not stop the atrocities of the Assad regime perpetrated with the support of his supporters, Russia and Iran, in flagrant violation of international law”, – reads the statement of state Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

“The suffering caused to the Syrian people by the Assad regime and its Iranian and Russian supporters, are horrific, she continued. – Russia, in 2013, promised the world to ensure the destruction of the Syrian arsenals of chemical weapons, ultimately responsible for the continuation of its use.”

A statement published in connection with the Tuesday report of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons on the alleged incident in the Syrian city of Saraqib, on 4 February 2018.

OPCW “found that chlorine, Rashpilevskaya of the cylinders by mechanical action, was likely used as chemical weapons February 4, 2018 in the district of al-Talil city of Saraqib,” reads the report.

The mission of the organization conducted a full investigation, including review of testimony and related materials, the study of samples of the natural environment, followed by a comparison of the available evidence. In addition, patients seeking medical treatment shortly after the incident was discovered, the symptoms resembling poisoning by chlorine.

“The attack has all the hallmarks similar to past chemical attacks of the Assad regime on its own people – said Neuert. – In addition, the offensive of the Syrian regime in the area of Saraqib was marked with the characteristic cruelty and disregard for the lives of civilians.”

The OPCW’s mission was not established who was responsible for the attack, but Nauert said that a large part of the blame on Russia.

“Unfortunately, Russia has five times blocked the UN Security Council extension of the mandate of the Joint investigation mechanism, which was the only impartial and independent body with the authority to impose responsibility,” she said.

Nauert added that the United States strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons by Assad, which President Donald trump called not by man, but a monster.

“We are determined to ensure that all responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria are held accountable. We will not cease to seek justice for the victims of these heinous chemical attacks,” she said.

Nauert announced that these efforts may 18, representatives from over 30 countries will gather in Paris for a Ministerial meeting in the framework of the International partnership against impunity the use of chemical weapons.

According to her, the organization will deal with recent cases of use of chemical weapons by States and non-state actors, and to take measures to curb the use of chemical weapons and the establishment of accountability for past cases.