The victory for Jones in Alabama has improved the position of the...

The victory for Jones in Alabama has improved the position of the Democrats in the Senate


Победа Джонса в Алабаме улучшила позиции демократов в Сенате

President trump has promised that Republicans will regain this seat at the next election

Democrat Doug Jones inflicted a serious defeat on Republican Roy Moore in the special election to the U.S. Senate in Alabama, which was a reliable stronghold of the Republican party in the very conservative deep South of the USA.

The results of the elections can have serious consequences not only for the Republican party but for the political agenda of the US President Donald trump on the eve of important 2018.

Supporters of Doug Jones, who came to the party vote totals, rejoiced when some of the leading media officially declared the democratic candidate the winner of a tense extraordinary elections to the Senate. Now Jones will take the place vacated by Jeff Sissom, who moved to the post of attorney General in the administration of the trump.

Jones was considered an underdog in the race with the Republican candidate, Roy Moore, until Moore’s campaign began to shake the allegations of his sexual harassment of underage girls in the 1970s. he was over 30 and he worked for the local Prosecutor.

In his speech on the occasion of the victory Jones said that the election result is decided on the basis of universal values.

“In the end, the whole campaign revolved around the issues of dignity and respect, around the principle of the rule of law, good manners and decency, around the need that every resident of the state, regardless of place of residence, could get justice in life”, – said the Senator-elect from Alabama.

Former Federal Prosecutor Jones came to victory with the support of African American voters. This contributed to the success of his efforts to bring to justice in the late 1990s, two members of the Ku Klux Klan for the explosion in the African-American Church in Birmingham in 1963 which killed four young girls. The explosion, which occurred at the peak of the civil rights movement, shocked the country.

“Al was at a crossroads,’ said Jones. We were at a crossroads in the past and, unfortunately, usually in a bad way. But today, ladies and gentlemen, you have chosen the right path”.

Even before the accusations of improper sexual behavior Moore became famous in Alabama for his ultra-conservative views, which led to the fact that he was twice dismissed from the post of Chairman of the Supreme court of the state. Once for refusing to obey the decision of the Federal court on removal from the courtroom of the Ten commandments. Second time for ignoring the U.S. Supreme court decision to legalize same-sex marriages.

Despite these allegations Moore has received the support of President Donald trump and Stephen Bannon – the head of election headquarters of the trump and the leader of the far-right wing of the Republican party.

Although the election results have shown an unequivocal victory for Jones, Moore refused to admit defeat.

“We also know that God always keeps the situation under control. You know that one of the challenges of this campaign was that we were put in an unfavorable and uncertain light. We were set up, if you want to,” Moore said.

President trump congratulated Jones with the victory in a tweet published on Tuesday evening, but promised that Republicans will regain this seat at the next election.

Victory Jones has reduced and without that a fragile majority of Republicans in the 100-seat Senate, where they now have 51 votes. Democrats also got good momentum ahead of Congressional elections next year.