The virtual world on the blockchain may take cryptococcal

The virtual world on the blockchain may take cryptococcal


The gaming industry in the face of the project CryptoKitties continues to use up to 13 percent of all network resources Ethereum, and the value of ordinary transactions increased to $ 0.45, whereas only just over a week ago the same operation was done in a fraction of a cent. It seems that all will never be as before, given that soon the blockchain Broadcast will start another game Decentraland. But, if the game about seals was limited to the gathering of different price cards with cats, everything is a little more complicated. Decentraland is a true virtual world that starts on December 15 and in the initial phase will offer participants to buy in this LAND, the virtual pieces of land.

Based on Decentraland the developers took the idea of the game is Second Life, which appeared on the PC already in 2003. Decentraland is a virtual world consisting of areas of 10×10 meters, each of which is a unique token LAND that contains information about the owner, the coordinates of the site itself and a hash of the file content. The second token will be used for internal calculations between the players, and will be called MANA.

The first auction for the sale of LAND will be called “terraforming” and starts on December 15. To participate, you need to put the extension Metamask or browser Mist. The contest will last exactly one week — during this time, participants will be able to purchase LAND and invest MANA in different areas.

The initial location of the game Decentraland called Genesis City and consists of three rings United by a single center. In the inner ring will hold events and exhibitions. In the second ring will be placed available for sale plots of land, which can be bought for construction. Interestingly, the number of storeys of buildings is not limited. The outer ring will be given by different areas among which there is already a “City Hackers”, “World of Pokemon”, “Little India”, “Forest”, and much more. The list is three pages.

For building owners will be able to contact designers and specialists in 3D modeling with freelance platform Ethlance with which developers signed the contract. The first 20 designers will be able to get a reward of 1000 MANA or its equivalent in the amount of $ 50. After terraforming will come the Iron Age, which will be the multiplayer, chat and much more interesting. A prototype of the virtual world can be seen via the link in the normal browser.

Those who are going to play, will certainly have fun, but the overload on the network caused by the introduction of new gaming platforms is unlikely to please other users who urban simulation on the blockchain prefer a more serious training.

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