The virus is capable to cure brain cancer

The virus is capable to cure brain cancer


The use of viruses as a means of therapy — the technology is not new, but it can help treat a number of serious diseases. For example, not so long ago scientists have discovered the particular virus that acts on the immune system, helps destroy cancer cells.

The discovery belongs to the scientists from the UK and, according to experts, virtually harmless to human reovirus can pass through the blood-brain barrier (the main “defender” of our Central nervous system), to get to tumor formation in the brain and strengthen the immune system to fight the cancer naturally.

As writes the edition of the New Atlas, in a recent study involved patients suffering from aggressive forms of brain cancer. They were shown the operation, so the people agreed to an experimental treatment. A few days before surgery, patients are intravenously introduced reovirus, which was then detected in all remote cells, and the tumor has decreased in size. As stated by one of the study’s authors, Dr. Adel Samson

“This is the first case when the proven ability of the virus to overcome the blood-brain barrier and opened the possibility for immunotherapy. This will help patients with an aggressive form of brain cancer to fight the disease. A new virus may stimulate the immune system, because it makes the cancer cells “visible” to him.”

At the moment, the British continue clinical trials of its technology. Doctors hope that the new reovirus if can not be a substitute for radiation or chemotherapy, you will be able to significantly reduce the amount and frequency is not the most beneficial procedures for dealing with cancer.