The West finally split in relation to Russia

The West finally split in relation to Russia


It showed as US President Obama’s visit to Europe

Photo: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

The West finally broke in the attitude to Russia. As reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to the publication Time, it demonstrated Obama’s visit to Europe, held this week.

The article States that the victory of Donald trump, who promised during the election campaign to improve relations between Washington and Moscow, Europe was too divided to condemning Russia. A number of European countries have advocated the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions.

Previously, the Western media wrote that Angela Merkel could “take” the baton from Obama on relations with Russia, but such influence as the United States, Germany does not have. In addition, on the background of upcoming withdrawal of the UK from the EU relations with Russia will not be in first place for European politicians.

“With the exit of Britain from the EU and Obama from the White house, Merkel will have to make more effort to make her wavering allies to support the former line,” the article says.

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