The white house believes that trump has the right to dismiss spectacular...

The white house believes that trump has the right to dismiss spectacular Muller


Белый дом считает, что Трамп имеет право уволить спецпрокурора Мюллера

However, some legislators believe that such a decision would be “suicide” for the President

The US President Donald trump has the authority to dismiss spectacular Robert Mueller investigating possible collusion between his campaign staff and Russia, said Tuesday the White house.

“We are told, of course, the President has the authority to make such decision”, – said during the regular press briefing the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders, when reporters asked her whether the President is Donald trump to fire spectacular Robert Mueller.

Many legal scholars say the President can request from the Deputy Prosecutor General kind of Rosenstein to fire Muller, but he may refuse to comply with such an order.

Several lawmakers, Democrats and some Republicans in Congress have warned that such a move would threaten the presidency, trump and can lead to a constitutional crisis.

“I think, for the President (dismissal Mueller) would be tantamount to suicide,” – said the Chairman of the Senate Committee on the judiciary Chuck Grassley, speaking on CNN on Tuesday. Grassley called trump to let spectacular to continue his investigation.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday evening that the trump in December demanded to dismiss Muller and to stop his investigation.

The material of the paper was based on interviews with several employees of the White house. The article said that trump was outraged by press reports that the office Muller sends subpoenas in connection with his (trump’s) business contacts with Deutsche Bank.

As it turned out, those reports were inaccurate. However, an article in the New York Times illustrates the mindset of people when it comes to the possible expansion of the scope of investigation Mueller, from the Russian intervention in the election to other issues regarding the President.

Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein oversees the Mueller investigation, after attorney General Jeff sessions has withdrawn from the Russian investigation.

The President never forgave and Roman sessions for the disengagement, acknowledged Tuesday White house officials on condition of anonymity.

Trump called the disengagement and Roman sessions “terrible mistake.”

Answering a journalist’s question, whether he spoke with trump on Tuesday, sessions said, “Not today.”

After this “Voice of America” and Roman sessions asked about the state of his relationship with the President in connection with the talk that trump could fire him at any time, however, the attorney General has not responded.

Given the disengagement and Roman sessions, Rosenstein was probably the person who asked judges to allow the FBI to conduct a search in the new York office of private counsel to trump Michael Cohen’s office and his hotel room.

On Tuesday, trump once again expressed outrage at the raids, calling them “indiscriminate witch hunt”.

Huckabee Sanders said that she didn’t know if Cowan continues to represent trump.

FBI agents raided and seized financial documents and other materials that might be associated with the contacts of trump with his personal lawyer, who allegedly paid money Stormy Daniels, actress who starred in movies for adults, Karen Mcdougal, model, Playboy magazine, as payment for silence before presidential elections in 2016.

Cowan called the searches “worrisome”. According to him, he is most worried about his family. He told CNN that he considers all actions in relation to Stormy Daniels is legal. However, he noted that it would be untrue to say that he is not concerned.

Trump has said he didn’t know about payments Daniels, which, according to media reports, is cooperating with Federal investigators.

“The President has made clear that he believes that this has gone too far,” said Sanders journalists, speaking about the scope and direction of investigation Muller.

“We may be witnessing criminal charges in one way or another will involve Donald trump, and even if they do not lead to formal charges against him, can be the basis for possible action in Congress that could mean impeachment,” said “Voice of America” Professor of public administration at the American University’s Chris Edelson.

At the same time, Edelson, who is also a researcher at the research Center of the Congress and politicians, does not expect that it will come to that soon, because even if the Democrats get control of the House of representatives in elections in November, to offset the President will require a two-thirds majority in the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans.