The white house declared victory in the war on poverty

The white house declared victory in the war on poverty


Белый дом объявил о победе в войне с бедностью

UN data contradict this conclusion

The white house issued a report, according to which the war on poverty, which was launched in the United States more than half a century ago, “almost complete.”

The report prepared by the Council of economic advisers under the President of the United States. According to him, in 1961 the poverty level decreased by 90% and that only 3% of Americans now live below the poverty line.

The report recommends that all able-bodied adult recipients of Federal assistance were required to work that “will improve their lives and, at the same time, instill respect for the value and nobility of work”.

The report’s findings contradict the results of the UN study published in June. According to the UN, live in poverty around 12% of Americans and that the USA has been the most significant among industrialized countries, the gap between the wealthiest and the poorest residents.

In April, the President of the United States Donald trump has signed a decree according to which recipients of Federal assistance, including subsidized medical insurance and food allowances are required to work. In four countries – Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas, and new Hampshire – began to develop the appropriate program, but in Kentucky, this project was blocked by a court decision.

In June, the House of representatives passed a bill that also provides for the mandatory employment of recipients of Federal assistance, however, it is unlikely that he will be supported by the Senate.