The white house demanded to ban the controversial book

The white house demanded to ban the controversial book


Белый дом потребовал запретить скандальную книгу

Lawyers want President trump to stop the spread of not yet released bestseller “Fire and fury”

The lawyer of the President of the United States Charles harder on Thursday demanded “to stop any further publication, and to refuse the release or dissemination of” the book of Michael Wolff “Fire and fury: inside the White house the trump.”

In an official letter to the head of the publishing house “Henry Holt and Company” Steve Rubin, the representative of the head of the White house claims that the legal team of the President “investigates numerous false and/or groundless statements that you made against Mr. trump.”

The book, which, according to the author, went to interviews with more than 200 former and current employees of the electoral headquarters of the trump and the US administration, should appear on sale in stores in the US next Tuesday. This week, the publishing house started the circulation, and magazines of New York and The Hollywood Reporter has published a separate Chapter.

It follows that the results of the campaign were an unpleasant surprise for Donald trump and members of his team, who did not expect to win. The book also States that in the White house after the arrival of the new President there is chaos.

On Wednesday evening has not yet released the book took first place in the bestseller list on the Amazon portal.

In a letter addressed to the publisher’s lawyer Charles harder said that the requirement to ban the distribution of the book comes personally from the President of the United States.

“Mr. trump is hereby demanding that you immediately cease and desist from further publication, release or dissemination of books, articles, or any of the extracts (of them)… and also…apologies to my client regarding all of the statements made about him in the book and the article, who do not have proper evidentiary support,” – said in a letter to the legal representative of the President of the United States.

The harder lawyer sent a similar letter to the former presidential adviser on strategic issues to Stephen Bannon, the statements which are given in the book.

Observers in Washington believe that the written threats contained in the letter correspond to the usual tactics of President trump, and correspondence between the White house and the publisher is unlikely to lead to court proceedings.

Representatives of the publisher and the author of the controversial book Michael Wolff has not commented on the letters received.