The White house honored the memory of Martin Luther king

The White house honored the memory of Martin Luther king


В Белом доме почтили память Мартина Лютера Кинга

Sarah Sanders: headed by Dr. king, the movement has changed the course of history

WASHINGTON – on Wednesday, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders began her daily briefing with a tribute to Martin Luther king.

“Today – said Sarah Sanders, we mournfully remember the life and legacy of Martin Luther king Jr., who was brutally shot to death in Memphis exactly 50 years ago. In his speech, which proved to be his last public speech, Dr. king said, “Like everyone, I would like to live a long life. Longevity is important, but now I’m not worried about it. I want to fulfill the will of the Lord. He allowed me to climb the mountain, and I looked around, and saw the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know that we, our people will reach the Promised Land. And so today, I’m happy. I’m not worried. I’m not afraid of anyone. My eyes have seen the glory of God coming””.

“These prophetic words, – concluded the press-Secretary of the White house, said the man who had found themselves and found their purpose through their faith and unselfishly headed the movement, which, although it cost him his life, changed the course of history. In honor of the sacrifice he made, we continue to improve our unified state, defending the principle laid down in its Foundation: the truth that all men are created equal”.