The white house: “if journalists make mistakes, they should admit it”

The white house: “if journalists make mistakes, they should admit it”


Белый дом: «если журналисты совершают ошибки, то они должны это признавать»

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that there is a difference between innocent mistakes by journalists, and purposeful misrepresentation

At the weekend, Donald trump called the Washington Post to fire the journalist, who published and then quickly removed the tweet, the number who came to the rally with his participation in Florida.

During the daily briefing at the White house, reporters asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders, why Donald trump responded to the tweet, however, why the President keeps silent about the real misinformation campaign, which Russia has held during the 2016 election.

According to the press Secretary of the White house, the difference lies in the fact that “the President simply calls things by their names – have been made against him in a direct and false accusation. There was nothing but the individual trying biased to report the incident to the event.”

“Washington Post” made a statement, which says that the journalist “Dave Weigel relied on an inaccurate image at the time of writing the tweet about the rally with the participation of the President of trump in Pensacola.”

On the question of journalists, whether the President sees the difference between the bug reporter and a campaign of disinformation from foreign governments, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that she “talked to the President about this. However, we certainly need to seriously take into account any misinformation. But this is not something that we compare”. She also added that “if journalists make mistakes, they should admit it”. The journalist replied that it happens all the time, however, the press Secretary of the White house disagreed.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders also stated that “there is a big difference between unintentional error and deliberate misrepresentation of Americans that happens regularly”. She gave an example of the material of the ABC journalist Brian Ross.

Administration podavala trump has repeatedly criticized the so-called liberal media, overlook the materials of the conservative media.

Some journalists said that if the White house requires a high standard from the media, then he should abide by them.