The white house is considering the question of the publication of the...

The white house is considering the question of the publication of the Memorandum Nunes


Белый дом рассматривает вопрос о публикации меморандума Нунеса

The document allegedly reflected the cases of misconduct of justice and the FBI

The white house said Tuesday that President trump is going to consult with experts on national security and legal experts before taking a decision about disclosure of previously secret document on the investigation of Russian interference in the election that caused a political storm between Republicans, the FBI and the justice Ministry.

Trump may for five days to oppose the promulgation of the document, although he made it clear that he wants to make it public. The document arrived at the White house on Monday evening after Republicans in the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives rejected the objections of the Ministry of justice and voted for the publication of a document which allegedly reflected the incidents of unlawful surveillance in the framework of the “Russian case” by the FBI and DOJ.

A four-page document has become a thorny political topic: trump and many Republicans are urging him to publish, insisting that some of the employees of the Ministry of justice and the FBI had conspired against the President.

It is unclear how the illegal actions of the FBI could lead to the fact that the judge signed the warrant in accordance with the law on the supervision of foreign intelligence services. Applications for obtaining such orders are submitted by the lawyers of the Ministry of justice in the special court dealing with cases of foreign intelligence surveillance. To authorize and to prepare such applications have these lawyers.

Ryan’s comments came after the leader of the Democrats in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi on Monday evening told CNN that Ryan admits the publication of the “false document under a false pretext”.

The document currently under consideration at the White house, was compiled by Republicans on the Committee, headed by Devin Onecom, a close associate of trump and an outspoken critic of the FBI and DOJ. Recall that spectracolor Mueller is investigating Russian intervention in elections and possible collusion between the campaign headquarters trump and Moscow.

According to Republicans, the document reflects serious concerns about exceeding the intelligence of powers in the investigation of the Russian case. Democrats call it selectively edited compilation of the favorite theses of the Republicans, aimed at diverting attention from its own investigation Committee.

On Monday the vote on the publication of the document – an unprecedented move by the Committee, which normally seeks to keep classified information secret to protect sources and methods of intelligence.

The White house claim that trump is going in the coming days to meet with national security team and General counsel for the White house to discuss the issue.

In an interview on Fox and Friends, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders made it clear on Tuesday that the document was published, most likely, will not, noting that the administration does not set “specific terms” of its promulgation.