The white house is investigating the actions of Scott Pruitt

The white house is investigating the actions of Scott Pruitt


Белый дом расследует действия Скотта Прюитта

The head of the U.S. Agency for environmental protection in the center of the scandal

The White house considers the activities of the head of the Agency for the protection of the environment Scott Pruitt after reports that he paid for the rent below the market rate. The condominium belongs to a lobbyist who deals with issues controlled by the Ministry Pruitt, reported the Wall Street Journal with reference to an unnamed official representative of the White house.

Last week, ABC News and Bloomberg News reported that in the first six months that Pruitt held in Washington last year, he was paying for rent in the heart of Capitol hill about 50 dollars a day, which is less than a third of the cost of renting similar properties. Housing was located in a building owned by the lobbyist Steven HART, working in the energy sector, and his wife.

Broadcaster ABC later reported that the daughter Pruitt also used this in 2017, when he held a summer internship at the White house. Wife of HART reported that the residence of the daughter Pruitt was not intended by the lease.

Pruitt declined to comment on these reports. The white house invited the journalists to address their questions to the Agency for environmental protection, which reported that the contract has not caused objections from the Agency, concerned with ethics.

Earlier the head of the Agency for environmental protection criticized that over the past year he has spent 105 thousand dollars to fly first class.