The word “Russia” became a defining moment for the presidency, trump

The word “Russia” became a defining moment for the presidency, trump


Слово «Россия» стало определяющим для президентства Трампа

Scholars of American politics have noted that Russia became the prism through which now dealt with all the actions of the American President

WASHINGTON – If there is one word that is defining for the presidency of Donald trump, it’s the word “Russia”.

How trump relationship with Russia and the Kremlin’s role in his election hanging over every moment of his stay in the White house?

“I had nothing to do with Russia, – said the tramp. – Everyone knows it. It was an invention of the Democrats. That was their excuse for the defeat in the elections.”

This is Donald trump at the end of the final year. He fends off the suspicion that he was too lenient towards the Kremlin, perhaps in a sign of gratitude to Russia for the fact that she helped him defeat Hillary Clinton in the fight for the presidency.

In January, two weeks before the entry of the trump office of the President, office of the Director of national intelligence James Clapper said that the CIA, FBI and NSA came to the joint conclusion that Vladimir Putin was trying to ensure the victory of Trump.

“According to our estimates, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in 2016 ordered the campaign to influence against the election of the President of the United States, – was stated in the report of the American intelligence community. – Russia sought to undermine public confidence in the democratic process in the United States, to discredit Secretary Clinton, and damage its electoral potential and eventual presidency. We also believe that Putin and the Russian government has formed a clear preference for the elected President of the Trump. We say this with high certainty. We also believe that Putin and the Russian government wanted to increase the chances of being elected President-elect trump, where possible, by discredit Secretary Clinton, and public comparisons of her with him in unfavorable light.”

These findings quickly led to investigations in Congress.

In March, FBI Director James Comey confirmed that his Agency is also conducting an investigation examining possible collusion between the team of trump and the Kremlin.

Shortly after that, trump fired in Komi Republic.

This led to the appointment of a special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, whose far-reaching investigation in Russia has already led to indictments and guilty pleas by several employees of election headquarters trump at the peripheral charges.

The words and deeds trump for President at times seemed at odds with each other.

Recently he approved the sale of lethal weapons Ukrainian army, which is fighting Pro-Russian separatists, signed the law on sanctions against Moscow in connection with its actions in Ukraine, although she noted that the law has “serious shortcomings.”

But in his speeches he continued to speak of trying to mend relations with the Kremlin.

“I believe that to have Russian friends instead of constantly fighting with her is a benefit to the world and our country, not a burden,” said trump in November.

His national security strategy represents Russia as a dangerous rival, who seeks to weaken America’s influence in the world using subversive activities to “undermine the legitimacy of democracies.”

“Russia seeks to weaken U.S. influence in the world”, “to undermine the legitimacy of democracies, she intervenes in the internal Affairs of countries”, – the document says.

But presenting this strategy, trump spoke about building relations with Putin.

“I got a call yesterday the President of Russia Putin, and thanked our country for the intelligence, which could provide them with our CIA for a major terrorist attack that was planned in St. Petersburg, where he was able to die many, perhaps thousands of people, – said trump. They were able to apprehend these terrorists and to prevent that, so without loss of life. And it’s great, so it should work.”

Analysts say that Russia has now become the prism through which considered every step of the tramp, perhaps, forcing the President to be more hard to the Kremlin than it would be otherwise.

“It’s like he’s trying to exercise excessive caution people to not think the worst about him and Vladimir Putin, said James Kirchik, a specialist from the Brookings institution in Washington. Recently we have seen measures that allow the sale of weapons Ukraine, which for several years was made by the Obama administration, when it was the invasion of Ukraine, war in Ukraine is still ongoing. This is a very strong step.”

The second year of the trump in power will probably be similar to the first in the sense that it will also dominate the theme of Russia.

Investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller moves inexorably towards completion.

President trump tries to fight back, but on the international scene he confronts the only man who, according to Forbes magazine, is more influential than Vladimir Putin.