“The work of Martin Luther king is still not complete”

“The work of Martin Luther king is still not complete”


«Работа Мартина Лютера Кинга до сих пор не завершена»

In the us capital, held a March against racism

Prayers of different religions in different languages could be heard today on the National Mall in Washington. Council of churches USA and the coalition of more than 50 organizations held in the centre of the American capital campaign whose purpose was not only to honor the memory of a well-known preacher and a fighter for human rights Martin Luther king, but also to remind you that the perennial struggle against racism is far from over.

“There are people who want to silence the voice of Martin Luther king and stop the work he started. Today’s March is a continuation of his work. We are committed to eradicating racism in our communities: churches, synagogues, mosques – in the country. We will stop the racism,” said the priest, and one of the organizers of the March of Leslie Coplen-Tun.

Among those who in 1965 took part in the March in Alabama were representatives of different religious groups and movements. Rabbi John Posner notes: even a small injustice is still injustice.

“The movement’s leaders throughout our history have expressed support for racial equality and human rights. We were allies of Martin Luther king during the civil rights Movement of blacks in the U.S., and his work is still not completed. We are still faced with supporters of white supremacy, the growing number of prisoners, the new “Jim crow Laws”. This is still happening in society,” said Rabbi Jonah Dov, Pesner.

That discrimination on religious, gender, ethnic lines is unacceptable in a democratic society, and other noted leaders of religious communities in the United States.

“My religion compels me to talk about equality, justice, peace and love. We must not only believe in themselves but also create a comfortable environment for everyone who lives in the world. We can’t let our society go back 100, 200 years ago,” said Rajan Singh.

Abi Janamanchi, a representative of Unitarian universalism, explained his presence on the March as follows:

“I came to get my voice together with the voices of other religions and beliefs were heard. In our diversity lies commonality. My faith teaches that diversity does not divide us. The first step in the fight against racism is a recognition of the unifying factor of humanity.”

The people who came to the March, noted: the case of Martin Luther king requires continued and only together, accepting others as they are, you can put an end to discrimination, racism and xenophobia.

  • «Работа Мартина Лютера Кинга до сих пор не завершена»

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