“The world” reduces the distance in payments

“The world” reduces the distance in payments


Russian payment system first in the world to test “smart” control system transaction 3D-Secure 2.0

Photo: TASS/Alexander Ryumin

The card “the World” using Internet and mobile applications should be fast, convenient and safe. National system of payment cards (nvqs, the operator of the Russian payment system “the World”) was the first to test new smart technology verification (identity verification) of holders of Bank cards 3D Secure 2.0, e-Commerce and remote payments. This “news” have told some participants of the financial-banking market, the information was confirmed by the representative of the NBTS. Experts believe that the massive use of new technologies will not begin until 2018.

Nvqs became the first in the world, who have adapted their standards to the new rules and started testing the risk-based 3D Secure 2.0, told “Izvestia”, several representatives of the financial-banking market. The NBTS representative confirmed this information, noting that the tests involved several Russian banks. The number of credit institution in the payment system said. The sources of “News” say that at the moment it is not more than about ten banks.

— National system of payment cards began testing the new technology of EMV, 3D-Secure of version 2.0 as its base authentication system for online Commerce and remote payments. It incorporates a new approach that takes into account the level of technological development and consumer behaviour, — said the representative of the payment system “World”.

With the development of electronic Commerce and the emergence of new mobile devices that allows you to make online purchases, there was a question about ensuring not only speed, but safety and convenience of such payments. Appeared about 10 years ago the solution to problems from the international payment system Visa — 3D-Secure, require you to enter an additional password at card online payment gradually beginning to rid myself. So as well as wanting to get rid of dependence on Visa, last year a number of major payment systems, banks and e-Commerce companies, United in the international consortium EMVСо, announced plans to develop its new version of security technology of card payments — 3D Secure 2.0.

At the end of October, the consortium provided long-awaited Protocol (standards) for the operation of the system of verification of cardholders, and payment is now available for all interested parties.

If the appearance of the first version of 3D Secure, cardholders have been forced to make another step in online payments to enter along with the CVV (unique card code on the back) one time code received via SMS, the advanced 3D-Secure version 2.0 customers will eliminate this need, although the possibility will remain.

— With the new technology, the Bank may use several modes of client authentication, including the usual for all SMS-code. One way to confirm the card transaction will be risk analysis of payment and card holder, — said the representative of the NBTS.

He explained that the credit institution will thus have the opportunity to ensure that the transaction is a particular card holder, and give a positive response to the store without direct contact to the person.

— The most important difference of 3D Secure 2.0 from the first version that the decision on the confirmation of the operation will be based on the new settings. This is the data of the device from which comes the payment, browser settings, IP address, e-mail, and others. In addition, authentication will be used by an intelligent decision mechanism based on behavioral analysis of user activity, said the specifics of new technologies Executive Director of acquiring and transaction of the business of the Bank “Russian standard” Ivan Glazachev.

Another way of confirmation of online payment will be based on the use of external tools authentication of a Bank card and its holder.

For example, when paying in the store app installed on smartphone or tablet user, the device runs the familiar to card holder app mobile Bank, — said the representative of the NBTS.

The buyer can safely pay for goods and services not only through a web browser, but directly in the app store smartphone or tablet, summed up the interlocutor of “Izvestia”.

Ivan Glazachev in “the Russian standard” has confirmed the 3D Secure 2.0 will be supported not only on personal computers but also in other channels (mobile web, apps, digital wallets). Due to the fact that the process takes one step (the introduction of an SMS code), the payments will become easier and faster without compromising security.

Assistant to the Chairman of Board of Bank “Center-invest” (involved in the tests NBTS) Natalia alyabieva also confirms the words of colleagues from the “Russian standard”.

— By Bank cards already completed the first transaction under the pilot project. This technology gives our customers a new level of protection and security for transactions “card World” on the Internet, — said Natalia alyabieva “news”.

According to consulting company RBR from London, the number of cards worldwide increased last year by 8% and reached to 13 billion pieces, the number of payments using “plastic” over the same period rose 15% to $270 billion under forecasts of experts, in 2021 the world will be a third more cards than last year — 17 billion items, that payment may increase in half.

In nvqs and “Center-invest” did not undertake to assess when you might be testing new technologies and to begin its mass adoption in Russia and the world. And Ivan Glazachev predicts that the use of 3D Secure 2.0 in industrial scale will begin no earlier than 2018.