The Yakovlev going to take a unique combat Yak-3

The Yakovlev going to take a unique combat Yak-3


Saratov region administration wants to place it in the local Museum of military and labor glory

Photo: press service of the Museum of Vadim ZADOROZHNY

Owned for almost 60 years, Yakovlev combat Yak-3 was the subject of an ownership dispute. Saratov region administration insists on the transfer of military relics to their historical homeland. The fighter is now on display in the Moscow Museum of Vadim ZADOROZHNY. Yakovlev considered the claims of the Saratov region is unfounded.

As told “Izvestia” Deputy General Director of Yakovlev Arkady Gurtovoy, their rights to the Yak-3 (serial number 1712) during the great Patriotic war makes the administration of Saratov region.

— Claim of the Saratov Museum plane are without historical and legal grounds, — says Arkady Gurtovoy. We’ve owned this plane for 60 years. We conveyed his remains. We have restored it and all the years of maintained in perfect condition. Now the question is how to remove the plane and transfer it to Saratov. We do not agree. It belongs to us on the basis of historical documents and to the term of the acquisitive prescription.

The Ministry of culture of the Saratov region “Izvestia” confirmed that they are working for the return of the legendary Yak-3 to their historic homeland in Saratov, where it is ready to accept the Saratov Museum of military and labor glory. The relevant requests were sent to the government. To address this issue is also connected the Ministry of culture of Russia.

— The question of the return of the legendary Yak-3 is on the personal control of the Governor of the region Valery Radaev. The government leads in this matter a clear and consistent policy: the plane needs to return to the Saratov land, — told “Izvestia” Minister of culture of the Saratov region Tatiana Garanina. — We understand the responsibility to our veterans and do everything possible within the legal framework.

As told “Izvestia” in the Federal property management Agency, government Agency in the prescribed manner the Yak-3 was registered in the register of Federal property as the object of the Treasury of the Russian Federation.

— Currently, the Federal property management Agency is working on the issues related to the restoration of historical documentation of the Yak-3 included in the Treasury of the Russian Federation. Thus, the study of the possible variants of the further destiny of the plane will be implemented by the Federal property management Agency based on the results of these events and current legislation, — said the Agency.

The main argument in favor of the transfer of the aircraft in the Saratov Museum is an inscription on the Board: “From Ferapont Petrovich Golovatyi the 2nd plane to the final defeat of the enemy.” Ferapont Holovaty is Saratov farmer who in may 1944 had made 100 thousand rubles for the construction of the new aircraft at the Saratov aviation plant.

The idea is to give the plane to Saratov, so he stood chained to the ground in rarely visited regional Museum and not flown thousands of air show the glory of our Victory, is a crime against the memory of the heroism of our people in the war and in direct contravention of the orders of the President of the Russian Federation, — told “Izvestia” Vadim Zadorozhniy, Director of the Museum of technology, which is now on display Yak-3.

The struggle for the aircraft began after his return in late 2014 from the United States, where he because of the circumstances contained in the California Museum since 1991. After learning about the dispute around this Yak-3, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin 15 March 2017 instructed the economic development Ministry and the United aircraft Corporation to find a solution to this problem.

“It is strange that this plane remembered when he for money of the private Museum were returned from the United States, restored, and is now preparing its airworthiness. Please understand. Should not discourage enthusiasts to invest in the restoration of the heritage of the country and do not also treat collections of popular museums. Find a solution,” wrote Dmitry Rogozin in the order, a copy of which is in “Izvestia”.

Find themselves the object of an ownership dispute, the Yak-3 is notable primarily for the fact that it is almost the only Russian combat aircraft entirely suitable for restoration to a condition of airworthiness and for public display at an air show and air shows, including at the international.

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