These robots one day will build Martian colony

These robots one day will build Martian colony


When humanity will finally be ready to move to Mars (and sooner or later it will happen), he’ll need third-party assistance. Help real experts with encyclopedic knowledge, able to work under extreme pressure and in extremely difficult conditions. They will need such a droid as Justin. Such humanoid bots, as created by the German center of aviation and cosmonautics, will be responsible for the creation of the first Martian homes for the future colonists.

German engineers are working to improve the capabilities of the robot Justin is already more than one decade. It was first introduced back in 2006, one of the largest exhibitions of electronics and robotics. “Tin man” is able to work with a variety of tools to shoot and share photos, catch flying objects and to avoid obstacles of varying difficulty. And now, with the new update, which endows the robot with artificial intelligence, Justin is able to “think” independently, without relying on third-party operator.

Unlike most other robots, which you want to preset and give the necessary instructions for almost each of their motion, the robot is able to perform tasks completely offline – even those for which it was not originally programmed. Recognition technology and computer vision system allow you to “Justin” to explore their environment and to cope with such tasks as cleaning and maintenance of various mechanisms, checking equipment and carrying things. In a recent test in just a few minutes Justin was able to repair the non-working solar panel. Interestingly, the manual robot was carried out remotely by one of the astronauts who was on Board the International space station.

The growth of the robot is 1.92 meters, weight – almost 200 pounds. Each hand Justin is able to lift the weight 14 pounds. With four fingers on each hand he is able to cope with a variety of tools. As the vision system the robot uses a camera with high resolution and a set of sensors, allowing him to create a three-dimensional model of their environment. The robot is able to quickly synchronize with a variety of computer equipment, as well as their own to charge their batteries, connected to a source of solar energy. All protocols are stored in the local memory of the robot. In other words, he will be able to perform tasks even in case of loss of communication. And one of the talents of the robot is that he can cook the tea and coffee.