Three US cities have filed a lawsuit against the defense Ministry

Three US cities have filed a lawsuit against the defense Ministry


Три города США подали в суд на Минобороны

The Ministry is accused of providing incomplete information about the criminal past of the military

Three major U.S. cities, filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of defense, which allegedly did not provide administered by the FBI software package special review “significant amounts” of data on the owners of firearms.

New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia have filed a lawsuit after the management of the military-air forces of the USA admitted that they were not told about the criminal past of man who shot 26 people in one of the Texas churches in November.

“This failure (of duties) for the Ministry of defence led to the deaths of innocent people due to the fact that the weapons fall into the hands of criminals and those who aspire to (causing) untold damage, – reads the statement of the mayor of new York bill De Blasio. – New York joins Philadelphia and San Francisco, to speak out against the Ministry of defence and to require it to behave in accordance with the law and put in order its significantly flawed system.”

The leadership of the air force is conducting an investigation designed to find out how the fact that the man who opened fire in a Texas Church, was in 2012 convicted of domestic violence, 26-year-old Devin Kelly, was not properly included in the FBI database that would prevent the purchase of legally rifle that he used in the attack on the First Baptist Church in Sutherland springs, Texas.

In a report earlier this month published by the inspector General of the Ministry of defence, noted that all kinds of troops of the U.S. armed forces “systematically” evade the provision of fingerprints 24 percent of the audited convicted offenders.