Tillerson: speaking of values trump “speaks on his behalf”

Tillerson: speaking of values trump “speaks on his behalf”


Тиллерсон: говоря о ценностях, Трамп «выступает от своего имени»

The Secretary of state commented on the President’s reaction to events in Charlottesville

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that President Donald trump, who has been criticized for its response to the recent act of white nationalists in Virginia, speaking about his values, “acts in its own name”.

The journalist of TV channel Fox News Chris Wallace asked Tillerson to comment on the reaction of trump, who said that responsibility for the violence in the city of Charlottesville are the “many parties”.

“We at the state Department Express the values of America – said the head of American diplomacy. – We represent the American people, the values of America, our commitment to freedom, our commitment to the equitable treatment of people around the world, and this message remains intact.”

“I don’t think anyone doubts the values of the American people, the commitment of the U.S. government or government agencies to promote and protect these values,” added Tillerson.

When Wallace asked Tillerson, distanciruemsa whether it’s from trump on this issue, the Secretary of state said: “I spoke made their comments about our values in the speech at the state Department last week”.

In his speech on 18 August Tillerson condemned racism, saying that “hate is not an American value.”

“We should seek reconciliation, understanding and respect regardless of skin color, nationality, religion or political views,” he added.

A few days ago the UN Committee on the elimination of racial discrimination urged the United States to condemn the crimes of the racist and xenophobic statements after the action in Charlottesville, warning that failure to do so may lead to renewed violence.

Tillerson statement on Fox News prompted an immediate reaction in social networks. Advisor to the state Department, the political scientist Eliot Cohen wrote on Twitter: “it seems to Me that the Secretary of state has just pushed the President of the United States under the bus.”