Tillerson: “the Islamic state” must be completely destroyed

Tillerson: “the Islamic state” must be completely destroyed


Тиллерсон: «Исламское государство» должно быть полностью разгромлено

U.S. Secretary of state said that, despite their losses, the rebels still pose a threat

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson on Tuesday said that it is necessary to pay attention to the “final defeat” of the grouping “Islamic state”, despite the fact that largely ousted the militants from areas in Iraq and Syria, which they once controlled.

Tillerson said this at a conference in Kuwait, which brought together members of the US-led coalition in 2014 to combat “Islamic state»

“Islamic state” remains a serious threat to the stability of the region, our countries and other regions of the world,” – said the head of American diplomacy.

Tillerson noted that the militants do not control 98 percent of the territory which they occupied at its peak in 2014, but now they pose another threat.

“In Iraq and Syria, “Islamic state” is trying to transform itself into an insurgency. In such places as Afghanistan, Philippines, Libya, West Africa and other they are trying to arrange a refuge,” he said.

Tillerson also announced the allocation of United States an additional $ 200 million for economic support for the so-called “liberated areas” of Syria.