Tillerson: the responsibility for himataki in Syria ultimately brings Russia

Tillerson: the responsibility for himataki in Syria ultimately brings Russia


Тиллерсон: ответственность за химатаки в Сирии в конечном счете несет Россия

U.S. Secretary of state took part in the Paris conference on the prohibition of weapons himicheskogo

Whoever carried out the chemical attacks in Syria, the responsibility for them and the resultant casualties, in the end, brings Russia intervened in the Syrian conflict, said U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

The announcement came during the ongoing conference in Paris, devoted to the problem of accountability in the use of chemical weapons.

According to Tillerson, the focus of the conference participants – first of all, the question of how to stop the use of chemical weapons, and, secondly, the inadmissibility of impunity in this matter.

For examples of the use of chemical weapons not have to go far, said Tillerson. “Only yesterday,’ he continued, referring to events in the Syrian Eastern ghouta, more than twenty civilians, most of them children apparently were victims of a chemical attack using chlorine”.

“The last attack in Eastern ghouta raises serious concern about the fact that the Syrian regime under Bashar al-Assad might continue using chemical weapons against its own people,” – said Tillerson.

He recalled that “in September 2013 Russia… participated in the negotiations and agreed with the plan of liquidation of Syrian chemical weapons”.

It was about the agreement between the United States and Russia, suggesting the requirement of the subject and verifiable destruction of all Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles, said Secretary of state.

Thus, “Russia took on the responsibility as the guarantor that its Syrian allies will stop using chemical weapons,” said Tillerson. However, he stated, “Russia has not fulfilled its obligations.”