Tillerson: the United States study the possibility of imposing new sanctions against...

Tillerson: the United States study the possibility of imposing new sanctions against Russia


Тиллерсон: США изучают возможность введения новых санкций против России

The Secretary of state has talked about how it changed his relationship with Putin after his appointment as the head of American diplomacy

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson rejected the accusations that the administration of President Donald trump does not want to impose new sanctions against Russia, as required by a law passed by Congress last summer.

“Introduced and imposed, – said Tillerson, in an interview to the program “60 minutes” on CBS. We have taken steps, which have already prevented a number of Russian military sales as a result of this law, and we evaluate the possibility of introducing additional sanctions against individuals”.

The Secretary of state did not go into details.

Earlier this month, Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin said that the administration trump’s “actively working” on the introduction of sanctions against Russia in connection with its intervention in US elections in 2016.

“We are actively working on sanctions against Russia by the end of the secret briefing,” said Mnuchin at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Finance, dedicated to the presidential draft budget for the year 2019.

The Democrats repeatedly criticized the Minister for the administration’s refusal to use the law, adopted by an overwhelming majority of representatives of both parties which gives the Ministry of Finance new powers to impose sanctions against Russia.

“I can assure you that these sanctions will appear, – said Mnuchin. We are working on them right now.”

The administration of Donald trump did not impose any sanctions against Russia on 29 January, when she received the opportunity in accordance with the Law on counteraction to enemies of America by sanctions.

The law developed by Congress with the explicit aim to punish Russia for interfering in the elections, also demanded that the Ministry of Finance presented to Congress a list of influential and wealthy Russians close to Vladimir Putin, with the expectation that the environment of the Russian President will be subject to sanctions. The Ministry is also supposed to be secret, more detailed version of the list of oligarchs.

In an interview with CBS Tillerson also spoke about his personal relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which began when Tillerson was the CEO of Exxon-Mobile is a major U.S. oil and gas company involved in numerous projects in Russia.

“My relationship with President Putin cover for 18 years, said Tillerson. – They are always determined by the fact that I can do to achieve success for my shareholders, and how Russia can succeed.”

In his new capacity of Secretary of state Tillerson met with Putin in April of last year. Then he told the Russian leader that the relations between the US and Russia are on “low level” and stressed the need to improve relations.

But now Tillerson said that the official visit was different from the previous one.

“He was different, and I had very carefully to consider, he said. – I then said to him: “Mr. President, before you is the same person, but in a different way””.

“The dynamics have changed, because the matters discussed were other – continued Secretary of state. I told him that now represent the American people, and I think it is important to say that from the beginning. And he clearly realized it.”

The following months showed that the relationship has changed markedly. With Tillerson to the post of U.S. Secretary of state accused Russia of violating agreements on nuclear arms control, in circumvention of sanctions against North Korea that Moscow allows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons based on chlorine against civilians.

Tillerson asked whether he thinks that Putin took note of its warning that the head of American diplomacy said, “I don’t know. See concerned about it or not.”

During the past 30 days in Syria occurred six alleged attacks using chlorine.

Commenting on the alleged attack with chlorine, Tillerson said, “the United States has criticized Russia because Russia is, in our opinion, a special responsibility, because they have commitments for the destruction of chemical weapons and had to make sure that such weapons left.”

Answering the question of whether the United States consider the possibility of new military action against Syria in response to a gas attack with chlorine, Tillerson said that the United States take a firm position.

“As in April of last year, we are serious in their demands that the use of chemical weapons in any conflict should not be considered legitimate or normal,” he said.