Tillerson will discuss with the staff of the state Department reorganization Department

Tillerson will discuss with the staff of the state Department reorganization Department


Тиллерсон обсудит с сотрудниками Госдепартамента реорганизацию ведомства

Current and former Department officials say the error, which allows the Secretary of state

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson on Tuesday meets with state Department officials on the background of scepticism about the planned reorganization of the office, which is complicated due to its recent inaccurate statements about the state Department. This was announced about ten current and former officials.

Tillerson, who became the object of speculation in the media about how long he will stay in office, it seems, has come under fire from both the White house and from their own employees, unhappy with his readiness to hold a 30 per cent reduction in departments and the planned reorganization.

Tillerson made mistakes in the statements of high-ranking diplomats while answering questions after his speech on 28 November, getting tangled in their posts and the age of retirement.

“This is one of the many things that show that the administration in General lack of fundamental understanding that can make diplomacy and how it works,” said former state Department spokesman and former assistant Secretary of state for South and Central Asia Richard Boucher.

Boucher, one of the six interviewed former diplomats, said that the errors Tillerson show that staff do not conduct sufficient consultations and do not understand the problem deep enough to inform him.

Boucher, who worked as a press Secretary and five secretaries of state, says that in his day the state Department “made every effort to avoid mistakes”, but when it did happen, I tried to correct them “visibly, publicly, and quickly.”

Speaking at the Washington research Center of the Woodrow Wilson November 28, Tillerson repeatedly called several American diplomats of the highest rank of “career Ambassador”, “career diplomats”, instead of using the correct title.

He also said that four of the winner of this title, who left the service this year, has reached age 65 and retired. In fact, one of them was 55 years and the other 61 years old at the time of resignation. Of the remaining two, one was 67 years old and the other 65, but none of them was obliged to retire as they were appointed to their positions by the President.

Answering questions about these statements, the representative of state Department did not defend its accuracy, but noticed that Tillerson was responding to media reports which showed that Agency staff in droves are leaving the Department.

“The Secretary spoke in General terms, responding to the statement that people are fired in batches. It’s just not so, and the numbers do not support it,” said the spokesman.

Diplomats and members of Congress Tillerson criticized for his management style and the continuing uncertainty about what he wants to achieve as a result of the reorganization.

A senior official responsible for the restructuring, resigned in November, after this post less than four months.

“People believe that Tillerson is not particularly versed in the case, said on condition of anonymity, the acting employee of the state Department, one of six respondents. – This indicates that he does not understand the nuances.”