To be of use to my country

To be of use to my country


Public figure Irina Volynets — what efforts should be made to the state in youth work

Photo: Irina Volynets “Vkontakte”

My oldest daughter Lisa recently received the passport, and now I’m trying to get used to the idea that she’s not a child anymore. And that, I confess, very difficult. Do you remember yourself at age 14? My fourteenth birthday had a disturbing 1992, and even then I considered myself an adult. Perhaps part of it was in those difficult times. But there is an obvious difference between the teenagers of the 90s and the contemporary generation. We are actively discussing with classmates what is happening in the country, arguing almost fighting, defending their opinion — we all have. On the decline of the Soviet Union in the early ‘ 90s, when still retained the traditions of Soviet education, we collected scrap metal and waste paper, marched in review order and songs, went to work in the fields during the summer school practices. Of course, nobody asked us whether we want to engage in socially useful work. But the thing that we felt needed and useful. And only now I realize how important it was for our becoming.

My Lisa doesn’t want to grow up. Policy neither she nor her friends are not interested. In school activities do not go, as was customary in our time, when we had leisure time, interests share, one life, school class, as one family.

As President of the National parent Committee, I receive alarm signals from all over Russia: the lack of clubs and free sports groups, by “hanging” kids on social networks, computer addiction, and complete apathy to real life. Many parents are the root of all evil you can see in the lack of state funding extracurricular activities of children, sometimes resulting in the fact that they’re no fond of. Admittedly these criticisms are valid. But the main reason, in my opinion, is the lack of a common vision of our shared future and its meaning. This essential aspect should be governed, including at the state level.

Without which we can’t move on? Alone moral compass and spiritual braces, as time has shown, is not enough. Required system policy in this important constituent. What is the patriotism? Whether this sense is innate? A wise man once told me that patriotism is a human need to be proud of their Homeland. And this desire must be nurtured.

Of course, the public financial support is needed, but the money in the solution of this issue is not important. Most important is the idea. In Soviet times, parents were unhappy that their children are forced to collect waste paper. But these children were aware that benefit their country. Teenagers generally arranged is interesting: their natural energy pushing for action, they want achievements and awareness of exclusivity. Age from 14 to 25 years — a period when we believe that we can and should be the best of the best. But what our children want to be first in creating the threat to life of self or in sport — not only from family but also from the state.

It’s time to address legislative gaps and to identify its own benchmarks. National PTA took the initiative of creating the national strategy of actions in interests of the family. This concept paper is necessary to strengthen the measures of state support of the family and its protection from the destructive impact of Western social technologies, which heavily lobbied.

The state should deal with children and youth. The energy of the young generation to systematically and methodically to guide in the right direction. Otherwise, it is like an avalanche, is able to demolish everything in its path. The ideology of the consumer society, success criteria which are based solely on the material component, has borne terrible fruit. As a nation, we lose our identity, cultural code. Ancestral definition of goodness, brotherhood and spirituality is constantly under attack, and they can only be shown at the state level. Our children need to feel needed their own country. And for that, government should always make effort.

The author is President of the National parent Committee

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