Tomsk scientists create app to decrypt the medical tests

Tomsk scientists create app to decrypt the medical tests


How often have you had to observe such picture: the doctor gives the test results of your health, and there are some numbers, symbols and generally little understood. Of course, there is the line “conclusion,” but the physician’s handwriting has not been canceled. Started thinking about this and scientists from TUSUR and the SSMU are creating a mobile application for decoding analyses, which in plain language interpretered results.

The system itself is based on real medical data entered in the special database. The application compares the data and determines the result, the reasons for deviations from the norm and gives the conclusion without “intellectual” words. As one of the developers, Anthony Fedyaev,

“Many patients, getting lab results, self-seeking norms in the Internet trying to decrypt the data without the involvement of an appropriate specialist, and often receive inaccurate information. Our app comprehensively and reliably interpreterpath the results of analyses taking into account the age of the patient, that primarily reduces the level of anxiety human for their own health or, conversely, stimulates to a more rapid treatment in the hospital.”

The app also keeps a shared database, where everyone will be able to track changes and share them with your doctor. The app itself is called “interpretation of analysis” and it is already in beta testing. Supported devices on iOS and Android.

“Direct counterparts of such application no. At the moment, created a prototype, which already defines the standards for common blood and urine tests, but the functionality will be greatly expanded. Users will be able to decipher even the rare analyses”.