Trump accused Obama of inaction in connection with the Russian intervention

Trump accused Obama of inaction in connection with the Russian intervention


Трамп обвинил Обаму в бездействии в связи с вмешательством России

Last week, spectracolor Mueller accused the 13 Russian citizens and 3 organizations in the campaign influence on the election

WASHINGTON – US President Donald trump once again blamed his predecessor in the wrong response to Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016.

“Obama was President up to and even after the 2016 election. So why he didn’t do anything in connection with the Russian intervention?” – trump wrote on Twitter on Monday.

The attack on Obama came in the next series of tweets to the President.

The tweet was typical complaint for trump, who from time to time trying to belittle the scale of the Russian intervention and to blame his predecessor that he didn’t stop him.

Earlier on Monday the Kremlin denied the allegations of his interference. Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters that the allegations are unfounded.

This statement was made a few days after spectracolor Robert Mueller accused the 13 Russian citizens and three Russian organizations for illegal campaign of “information warfare” to influence the election in favor of trump.

In the indictment, Mueller argues that this work were based in Saint-Petersburg company “the Agency for Internet studies” with ties to the Kremlin, 12 of its employees and its financier.

In a 37-page document States that the Russian participants of the conspiracy wanted to coordinate their efforts with the members of the electoral headquarters of the trump. However, spectracolor not accused anyone of trump’s staff in collusion with the Russians.

Trump repeatedly insisted that his staff did not conspire with Russia, despite the fact that the American intelligence community, and now Muller came to the conclusion that Russia was conducting a broad campaign to intervene in the election to help Trump win.

It was the first case when the Muller’s office brought charges against the citizens of Russia and Russian organizations for interfering in the elections of 2016.

On Sunday, trump posted a series of tweets attacked the investigation that lead Mueller and congressional committees.

“If Russia’s goal was to sow discord, destabilization and chaos in the USA, given all these congressional hearings, investigations and the hatred of the (Republican) party, their success exceeded their wildest dreams. They injure their stomachs from laughter in Moscow. Wise Up, America!”

Trump also criticized his national security adviser Herbert McMaster, who said that it is “irrefutable evidence” of Russian intervention in the elections.

“I never said that Russia has not interfered in the elections, I said that it could be Russia or China, or some country or group, or it could be genius weighing 400 pounds sitting on your bed and playing on his computer, wrote trump on Twitter. – Fiction with Russia was that the headquarters of the trump [allegedly] conspired with Russia that never happened!”

Trump said that McMaster “I forgot to tell you that Russian is not influenced and did not change the results of elections in 2016, and that the only conspiracy took place between Russia” and his opponent in the election – former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. According to trump, McMaster has ignored the Democrats political funding research included in the controversial dossier which stated trump’s questionable links with Russian actors.