Trump administration will allow States to change the conditions of receiving health...

Trump administration will allow States to change the conditions of receiving health insurance for the poor


Администрация Трампа разрешит штатам изменить условия получения медстраховки для малоимущих

According to officials, the initiative aims to help people out of poverty

The administration trump on Thursday announced that it will allow States to test mode to introduce new conditions for participation in the Medicaid program to obtain state health insurance for the poor, only those who are working, studying or engaged in socially useful work – for example, volunteer.

The service centers within the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services has published guidance designed to assist States to develop a test programme with the new requirements. Changes should be proposed in the form of official statements after obtaining the consent from the Federal government.

The administrator of the office Seema Verma said that the guide was prepared in response to requests from at least 10 States, which suggested that for some beneficiaries, Medicaid should introduce a mandatory condition of employment or participation in such activities as training, education, job search, volunteering or caring for a sick/child. Among these States: Kentucky, Maine, new Hampshire, Arizona, Indiana and Utah.

These rules will not apply to certain categories of participants, including people with disabilities, older people, children and pregnant women. According to Verma, the States will also have to provide “reasonable modifications” for people struggling with opiate or other chemical dependency.

“This will lead us to the beginning of the approval process of applications, said Verma on Wednesday, speaking to reporters. – The initiative to help people get out of poverty.”

In accordance with the affordable care act, which is called the main legislative achievement of former President Obama, in 31 States in the Medicaid program are allowed to participate people whose income is up to 138 percent of the Federal poverty level. In this regard, the number of program participants grew by several million.

Republicans repeatedly tried to repeal and replace Obamacare, which was one of the main election promises of President trump. As this failed, the administration is trying to weaken the program by using presidential decrees and administrative rules.