Trump admits that he may have a good relationship with Kim Jong-UN

Trump admits that he may have a good relationship with Kim Jong-UN


Трамп допускает, что у него могут быть хорошие отношения с Ким Чен Ыном

Earlier, the leaders of the United States and the DPRK exchanged criticism and insults

The President of the United States Donald trump suggested that he might have a very good relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

This statement marked a sharp change in the tone of statements after a series of mutual insults because of nuclear and missile programs of Pyongyang.

Trump previously called Kim Jong UN a “geek” and “little rocket man”, and he in turn called the American President “senile old man”.

“I have, perhaps, a very good relationship with Kim Jong-UN, said trump in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. In General, relations with people. You must be surprised”.

Previously, Kim Jong-UN warned the United States that he intends to build a nuclear Arsenal, able to strike at American territory. This resulted in the threat of military action from Washington.

Answering the question, talked it ever with the North Korean leader, trump said, “I don’t want to discuss it. I’m not saying “Yes” or “no”, I just don’t want to comment.”

In November, during a trip to Vietnam, trump said that friendship with Kim Jong-UN “would be a strange course of events, but it is possible.”