Trump and Duterte: when discussing the war on drug trafficking the problem...

Trump and Duterte: when discussing the war on drug trafficking the problem of human rights left unattended


Трамп и Дутерте: при обсуждении войны с наркобизнесом проблема прав человека осталась без внимания

The US President said that he had “excellent relations” with the President of the Philippines

The US President Donald trump was made on Monday, with repeated praise of the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, practically ignoring the situation of human rights in a country where there were thousands of extrajudicial killings in the framework announced by the President of the campaign against drug trafficking.

As stated by the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders, during a 40-minute conversation trump and Duterte in Manila, the human rights issue was briefly raised in the context of the fight against illegal drug trafficking in the Philippines.

However, the official representative of Duterte Harry Roque challenged this statement, saying: “the Problem of human rights was not mentioned. Extrajudicial execution is not mentioned. Was a fairly long discussion about the war against drug trafficking in the Philippines, consisting mainly of explanations of the President of Duterte”.

Human rights organizations have urged trump to complete a tour of five Asian countries a statement condemning the murder of suspected drug dealers as part of the campaign Duterte. According to Human Rights Watch, from mid-2016 security forces and “unidentified armed men” killed not less than 7000 suspected drink and drug trafficking, and 3116 of the murders committed by the police. For comparison, the death toll in the campaign Duterte higher than during the reign of dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1972-1981.

Ahead of the meeting with Duterte trump said he had “excellent relations” with the Filipino leader.

Trump praised the work of Duterte on the organization of the summit in Manila, noting that he “brilliantly” handled the task. “I got great pleasure from staying here,” he said.

Meanwhile in Washington, Republican Senator John McCain, often he criticized trump wrote on Twitter: “human Rights – is clearly not a priority at the meeting of the President with Duterte. And again sadly”.

In a joint statement, Duterte and trump States: “the Parties stressed that human rights and human dignity are of paramount importance, and agreed to continue the protection of human rights in their national programmes to ensure the wellbeing of all population groups, including the most vulnerable.”

The communiqué also stated that the two leaders “discussed in the Philippines, the campaign against crime, including illegal drug trafficking. Both sides acknowledged that illicit drug use is a problem for both countries and undertook to use best practices in preventing illegal drug trade and combat, including through capacity-building of law enforcement agencies and increase the transparency of investigations, as well as in the field of rehabilitation.”

Before the election trump Duterte has attacked ex-President Barack Obama, criticized the situation with human rights in the Philippines, and sometimes used profanity in his address.

Ahead of the meeting with trump Duterte said that if the American leader will raise the issue of human rights, he will say to him “behind”.