Trump and his staff criticized the book on the first year of...

Trump and his staff criticized the book on the first year of the 45th U.S. President at the White house


Трамп и его сотрудники критикуют книгу о первом годе 45-го президента США в Белом доме

The President called the author “completely discredited” person

As the correspondent of “voice of America” Ken Bredemeier, the President of the United States Donald trump and his aides on Sunday, contemptuously spoke about a new book that contains details about the chaotic first year of the President’s stay in office, where he is portrayed as a person, intellectually not suited to the role of leader of the United States.

“I had to get used to fake news from the first day when I announced that I was going to run for President – wrote trump on Twitter. Now I have to get used to the fake book written completely discredited author.”

We are talking about the book “Fire and fury: inside the White house trump” (Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House) journalist Michael Wolfe, received in the sale on Friday. The book is based on 200 interviews with trump and many of his companions, describes the White house as unworkable structure.

Трамп и его сотрудники критикуют книгу о первом годе 45-го президента США в Белом доме

Trump said that about 30 years ago, another Republican President, Ronald Reagan, had to deal with publications that questioned his mental faculties, and he was able to “handle it”.

“I can do it too!” – assured the President.

Trump adviser for political Affairs Steven Miller criticized the former chief strategist trump Stephen Bannon for published in the book the statement that the eldest son trump Donald trump Jr., son of the current President and key White house adviser Jared Kushner, and former head of the election headquarters by Paul Manafort have behaved “treacherously” and “unpatriotic” when in the midst of the election campaign met with Russians who claimed to have compromising information on opponents of trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Speaking on CNN, Miller described Bannon as “irritable, vindictive man” whose “grotesque comments completely divorced from reality”. According to Miller, “the entire apparatus of the White house extremely disappointed with his statements” in the book.

Miller called the book “a grotesque lie” and accused CNN of “antithrombosis hysteria.”

“In reality, the President is a political genius”, – quotes Reuters the words of Miller, who accused CNN host Jake Tapper of arrogance and “contemptuous” attitude.

“I can’t understand why you attack me,” said tapper, chiding Miller in “subservience”. The presenter asked the interviewee to “calm down” and then interrupted the interview.

“I think we’ve wasted enough time of my audience,” said tapper, concluding the interview.

Shortly thereafter, trump wrote on Twitter: “Jake tapper from CNN is a Fake news has just been destroyed in the course of an interview with Steven Miller from the administration trump. Look at the hatred and injustice of this sender from CNN!”

The white house on the defensive after the publication of excerpts from the book last week. The President and his aides tried to undermine the credibility of the methods of the author and to sow doubt in the way of trump, which is presented in the book.

After the book trump tweeted on Saturday that he is “very stable genius”.

Wolfe received an unusually broad access to the White house at the request of the Bannon and said that the book is based on conversations with trump and interviews with senior officials, including’bannon.

“What Steve has performed with such grotesque statements is regrettable and sad,” said Miller, speaking on CNN.

The other two representatives of the administration trump, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley and the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo, speaking on Sunday talk shows, also supported the work of trump.

Hayley said to ABC News that based on their weekly visits to the White house, she might say that “nobody shows disrespect to the President.”

Pompeo said, speaking on Fox News: “I watched how he perceives the information it conveys to the intelligence community, and transformerait it in a policy that is a great benefit to America.”

Bannon did not dispute the quotes attributed to him in the book of wolf, but on Sunday expressed some regret about his role.

He said the news website Axios: “Donald trump Jr. is a patriot and a good man. He tirelessly protects his father and the agenda, which have helped to expand our country.”

After leaving the White house’bannon went back to work at Breitbart News – the website alternative right, expressing nationalist views. He stated that he continues to support trump.

“I am unwavering support of the President and his agenda, said Bannon. – I demonstrate this daily in the national radio, on the pages of Breitbart News, and in his speeches from Tokyo to Hong Kong to Arizona and Alabama.

“I regret that my delayed reaction to inaccurate publication to don Jr. has diverted attention from the historical achievements of the President in the first year of his presidency,” he added.

Trump said that “sanctioned zero access” Wolfe at the White house to work on the book.

Wolfe appeared on “meet the press” on NBC on Sunday, spoke in defense of the image of the tramp, which he described in the book, as well as its working methods.

However, he insisted that the President personally, though reluctantly, allowed him to wander the corridors of the White house and conduct interviews with employees, and once allegedly said, “Who cares about some book?”

By Sunday, the book “Fire and fury” became a major bestseller of the online store Amazon.