Trump and his views on Syria

Trump and his views on Syria


Трамп и его взгляды на Сирию

The President is considering the reaction to the events in which he had previously urged not to intervene

When it came to Syria, Donald trump as an individual and as President of the United States sometimes expressed different opinions.

So, on Monday, he strongly condemned the “horrific” chemical attack in Syria, which killed more than 40 people. Trump has promised that in the next 48 hours will be accepted in “major decisions” about the US reaction. Recall that almost exactly a year ago he ordered to launch a missile attack on Syrian military base that was used to conduct a similar attack.

With less than a week ago at the press conference, trump said: “I want to go (from Syria). I want to bring our troops home.” The President reluctantly followed the recommendations of their military advisers that in the coming months military presence in Syria must be preserved.

In 2013, two years before the announcement of the nomination for President, trump wrote on Twitter that the United States needs to “stay away from Syria,” asking the question: “What do we get in exchange for our lives and billions of dollars? Nothing.”

Later in 2013 trump called his predecessor Barack Obama: “don’t attack Syria. It has no pros and huge cons. Save your powder for another (and more important) day!”

After Obama declared that if Syria crosses the “red line” and used chemical weapons, he will respond accordingly, and then failed to respond to alleged himataku, trump said: “the Weakness and indecision of President Obama may have saved us from a terrible and very costly (not only in terms of money) attack on Syria!”

Trump often criticized Obama, claiming that he gives their war plans, publicly announcing the planned date of return American servicemen home.

Now trump most criticized about the same thing: for the announcement of the decision as soon as possible to withdraw from Syria 2000 American soldiers.

The Republican Senator from Arizona John McCain, was captured during the Vietnam war in the 1960s, said that when trump “showed the world that the U.S. prematurely withdraw troops from Syria, Bashar al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies heard this, and the inaction of the United States gave them courage.”

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders called “outrageous” suggestions that trump “gave the green light for such heinous acts” like a chemical attack.

McCain called for a strike on Syria, saying that trump should “demonstrate that Assad will have to pay for their war crimes”.