Trump and publisher of the NYT argued about the attacks of the...

Trump and publisher of the NYT argued about the attacks of the President on the American media


Трамп и издатель NYT поспорили об атаках президента на американские СМИ

The President said that explained A. G. Sulzberger why the media calls “enemies of the people”. Sulzberger called the wording of trump’s “provocative” and “dangerous”

The US President Donald trump said Sunday that recently told the publisher of the newspaper The New York Times, prompting him to name the leading American media “enemies of the people”. His companion said that he had told the President that his rhetoric is “incendiary” and becoming “increasingly dangerous” for journalists all over the world.

Trump posted a tweet in which he described his meeting with Arthur Gregg Sulzberger as “very good and interesting.” The US President said that “we spent a lot of time talking about the immense amount of fake news that issue by the media, and how the fake news was transformed into a phrase “enemy of the people””. “Sad!” – wrote trump.

Sulzberger, who is probably the most influential publisher in the United States, said that according to “tradition” meeting the publishers of the New York Times with the presidents of the United States, the conversation at the request of trump’s assistants was conducted “off the record”, which meant that it was not intended for publication.

At the same time, the publisher noticed that the tweet trump brought their conversation to the public’s attention, and he decided to respond by presenting his version of the conversation based on notes that he did himself, and the editor of the editorial page comments James Bennett, was also present at the meeting.

“When I agreed to this meeting, my main objective was to Express concern about the alarming rhetoric of the President directed against the press, said Sulzberger. I told the President that I believe that the language which he uses, not just leads to division, but also becoming more dangerous.”

“I told him that although the phrase “fake news” is wrong and harmful, I’m much more concerned about the label “enemies of the people”, which he put on journalists – said the publisher. I warned that such provocative rhetoric contributes to the growth of threats against the journalists and will lead to violence.”

“I have repeatedly stressed that this is especially true for other countries where some regimes use the rhetoric of the President to justify large-scale repression against journalists – said Sulzberger. – I warned that it puts the lives of people in danger that it undermines the democratic ideals of our nation and that it undermines one of the greatest export items of our country’s commitment to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.”

“Throughout the conversation, I stressed that if the President trump, like previous presidents, displeased with coverage of his administration, he certainly has the right to tell the world about it, he said. – I have repeatedly and clearly gave to understand that not asking him to soften his attacks on the New York Times if he thinks our materials are unjust. Instead, I urged him to reconsider his more General attack on journalism, which, in my opinion, are dangerous and harmful to our country.”

Trump often disparagingly calls news that he doesn’t like, “fake news” and the newspaper that publishes Sulzberger, – “of the bankrupt New York Times”.

Speaking to veterans a few days ago, trump pointed to the journalists and told the audience: “Be true to us. Don’t believe those nonsense that produce these people is a fake news”.

When the audience rose a rumble of disapproval directed against journalists, trump said, “what you see and what you read is not what is happening.”

Sulzberger did not trump reacted to his words during their meeting at the White house.