Trump and Putin confirmed their common goal – the destruction of the...

Trump and Putin confirmed their common goal – the destruction of the “Islamic state”


Трамп и Путин подтвердили общую цель – уничтожение «Исламского государства»

The presidents of the United States and Russia held a brief meeting in da Nang

The US President Donald trump said that during the APEC summit in da Nang, he managed “two or three times to” talk with Vladimir Putin, discussed, including Russia’s intervention in the election campaign of 2016.

According to the head of the White house, the Russian leader “feels insulted”, hearing the accusations against Moscow, and the Donald trump no longer intend to return to this subject.

“Every time he sees me, he says: “We didn’t do it” and I really believe that when he talks about it, that’s exactly what he believes,” said Donald trump to reporters on Board the presidential plane Air Force One.

He stressed that is not going to challenge the words of Vladimir Putin.

“I can’t stand there and argue with him, I’d make it out of Syria, the President said trump. – There is President Putin, who is very strongly and emotionally says that he does not have this (intervention) is irrelevant. So if you start to argue, you will be able to start a conversation about Syria and Ukraine.”

The presidents of the United States and Russia held a brief meeting in da Nang on Saturday morning. Before that, it was expected that the two leaders can meet the day before, but the negotiations about possibility of carrying out which the whole week was told in Washington and in Moscow, did not take place. The White house explained “unmatched graphics” presidents.

On Saturday, the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov told CNN that during a brief meeting Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin has not discussed the issue of Russian interference in the elections.

In turn, the US President found it necessary to declare to reporters that “suspicion” to the Russian leader does not allow the two countries “more productive” to discuss the problem of North Korea.

“We would really have helped if Russia assisted North Korea, said Donald trump. – You know, we are talking about millions and millions of lives. It’s not toys, it’s a real problem. And if Russia, like China, will help us, this problem will be resolved much faster.”

On Saturday, the White house and the US state Department released the text of the joint statement on Syria approved by the presidents during the meeting in Danang.

Donald trump and Vladimir Putin reiterated that the main goal of the military campaign in the region is the destruction of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”.

“The presidents agreed that the conflict in Syria has no military solution. They confirmed that a final political settlement of the conflict must be found within the framework of the Geneva process in accordance with UN security Council resolution 2254”, – the document says.

In addition, the two leaders said that they will continue to uphold the “sovereignty, independence, unity, territorial integrity and the secular nature of Syria,” urging all parties to the conflict in the country to participate more actively in the peace negotiations within the framework of the Geneva process.

Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin promised “to keep open” channels of communication between the military of two countries for the “better prevention of dangerous incidents between U.S. and Russian military”, stating that “these efforts will continue until the final defeat of ISIS”.

The Russian side said that the joint document was prepared by the experts of the two countries, and agreed to by representatives of the state Department and the foreign Ministry.