Trump arrived in Switzerland, assuring that the U.S. economy “will only improve”

Trump arrived in Switzerland, assuring that the U.S. economy “will only improve”


Трамп прибыл в Швейцарию, заверив, что экономика США «будет лишь улучшаться»

The US President will take part in the world economic forum in Davos, Stresa with the leaders of Britain and Israel, and European business circles

The US President Donald trump on Thursday arrived in Switzerland to attend the world economic forum, where he intends to promote his agenda of “America first” and achieve a more equitable and mutually beneficial trade between the United States and its allies.

Trump arrived in Zurich on the way to the Swiss ski resort of Davos, where they will spend two days.

The culmination of his visit will be a performance on Friday the participants of the forum – businessmen and political leaders.

In a tweet, sent before his departure from Washington, trump said that he plans “to tell the world how wonderful America is and how good it going”.

“Our economy is on the rise and considering what I do, the situation will only improve, he added. – Our country finally wins again!”

White house staff said that trump will perform with the same message, and during other overseas trips in the past year: US wants strong ties with its allies, but want to reduce the chronic deficit in trade with many of them.

“America in the first place does not mean America alone, said White house senior adviser for Economics, Gary Kohn, who accompanies trump. – When we grow, the world grows. When the world grows, we grow. We are part of it. We are part of the global economy. And the President believes it.”

At the meetings in the framework of the world economic forum, the U.S. President will speak about business opportunities in the United States, said White house officials.

Trump is also scheduled to meet with Prime Ministers of Israel and Britain’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Teresa may, as well as other world leaders.

In Davos, trump will talk about the investment opportunities in the US and to discuss cooperation in the field of national security, including the fight against “Islamic state” and the nuclear missile program of North Korea.

On Thursday, trump will be fully occupied with meetings, and then will deliver a key address to the participants of the forum on Friday and the same day will return to the United States.

Kon said in his speech, trump will call on international companies to invest in the United States and to take advantage of lower corporate taxes, adopted on the initiative of the trump.

He also put emphasis on its policy of “America first” and will seek more equilibrium trade policy by the allies of the United States, said Kohn.

Trump believes that international trade agreements directed against the United States.

“The President will again advocate for fair economic competition, and will clearly understand that there can be no free and open trade, if countries are not responsible for violation of the rules,” said Kon told reporters.

Trump will be the first in 20 years a U.S. President, who will attend the forum in Davos. Participation in the forum will give him the opportunity to talk with predstavitelyami of the very elite “globalists”, which he sharply criticized during the election campaign of 2016.

In addition to meetings with world leaders trump will also give a small dinner for the representatives of European business circles on Thursday evening.

“The dinner participants run companies that have significant presence in the United States. They invest in our economy, we want them to continue to invest and encouraged others to join them,” said Kon.

White house adviser on national security Herbert McMaster said at the meeting with Mei trump will discuss North Korea, civil war in Syria and the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, which led to the lifting of sanctions against Iran, and from where trump has promised to quit if it is not amended.

The first year of trump and may after the arrival of the American President to power was not easy. The parties were unable to agree on a suitable time for a visit by trump in the UK. Earlier this month, he walked away from a potential visit in February to participate in the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in London.

Trump will have his first meeting with Netanyahu after the decision on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which led to increased tensions in U.S. relations with some Arab leaders.

McMaster said that the meeting with Netanyahu trump “will once again declare America’s steadfast commitment to Israel and efforts to reduce Iran’s influence in the middle East and the search for lasting peace”.