Trump called outrageous lawsuit against his children, filed by the attorney General...

Trump called outrageous lawsuit against his children, filed by the attorney General of new York


Трамп назвал возмутительным иск против своих детей, поданный генпрокурором Нью-Йорка

Among the requirements of the attorney General – the dissolution of the Fund trump

In his 72nd birthday, Donald trump posted a tweet about the success of the Republican party, which, according to him, has significantly improved its position in the polls ahead of the November mid-term Congressional elections.

The President reminded about his achievements, mentioning, among other things, efforts on the North Korean issue and the growth of the U.S. economy.

“People already see what we’re doing. The results speak for themselves,” he said.

Meanwhile, the administration trump, the turnover in which the Brookings institution estimates that 51 percent nearly a year and a half, may soon lose two more employees are public figures.

CBS News published the news about a possible departure from White house press Secretary, Sarah Sanders and her Deputy Raj Shah, conducting regular briefings for the media. The authors of the article refer to their istochniki in the White house, and close to the administration. At the same time, reportedly, Sanders, previously replaced Sean Spicer allegedly told friends about plans to leave the post, though not in the near future, and by the end of the year.

And Sanders, and the Shah declined to comment, but Sanders posted a tweet, which claims to leave no plans.

“Does the CBS News something I don’t know about my plans and my future? I just went to prom daughter in kindergarten, and they have already published the news about my “plans to leave the White house”, without even talking to me. I love my job and I’m honored to work with the President,” said Sanders.

On Thursday, the President, the trump called the outrageous lawsuit filed against his children – Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka – attorney General of new York Barbara underwood.

They are accused of deliberate illegal actions in the framework of their charitable organization. The lawsuit alleges that the funds were used for payments to business creditors, the reconstruction of the Golf clubs, even during electoral events to voters. Among the requirements of the public Prosecutor – the dismantling of the Foundation of the trump and the transfer of the remaining million dollars among other charities.

In addition, from Donald trump demanding to pay almost $ 3 million in reimbursement of fines and damages.

Trump said on Twitter that his Foundation received about $ 18 million, and allocated to charity even more — 19 million 200 thousand dollars. In addition, he stressed that it is the machinations of the now former attorney General of new York Eric Schneiderman, who resigned amid allegations of sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, the legal team trump waited for the return of the President from Asia, and according to Rudy Giuliani, is going to discuss with him the possibility of meeting with spectaculorum Muller. In a telephone interview with CNN, Giuliani said that because of preparations for the summit with the DPRK, they are dropped from the graph.

“We want as soon as possible to deal with this and want to understand what President trump believes it is important, because we really haven’t had the opportunity to discuss it with him over the past few weeks. I think he wants to testify, if we tell him that everything will be fair and unbiased. I guess he still wants to find an opportunity to talk with spectaculorum, and our task is to choose the appropriate option,” said Giuliani.

Meanwhile, the personal counsel to trump Michael Cohen intends to part with their lawyers – Steven Ryan and Todd Harrison.

On Friday, the defense Cohen, who is suspected of fraud in commercial transactions, must complete the review of the investigators seized documents. After that, as reported by the source Agency Reuter on condition of anonymity, Cohen wants to hire a lawyer which has connection with the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan. Judge Kimba wood on Friday set June 15 as the deadline for attorneys to review documents, naznachili expert, who has already given an opinion as to which documents fall within the prohibition of disclosure of secrecy of the client by his lawyer.

Checking against Cohen is part of the investigation, which leads the team spectracolor Robert Muller, which aims to find out – engage the electoral headquarters of the trump in collusion with Russia before the elections of 2016.