Trump called the operation to liberate Mosul a “total disaster”

Trump called the operation to liberate Mosul a “total disaster”


The candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump

Photo: Jonathan Emst/Reuters

Donald trump believes that the operation to liberate Mosul, U.S. turns to disaster. According to him, Washington “warned” about the storming of the city for a few months

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump expressed the view that the operation to liberate the Iraqi Mosul from the militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS) turns to the US disaster.

“The attack on Mosul turns into a complete disaster. We warned them for months. USA look so stupid,” wrote billionaire in his Twitter, urging voters to vote for him.

The operation to liberate Mosul, seized by terrorists in the summer of 2014, started last week. It involved the Iraqi army, supported by the international coalition aircraft. From the South to move the armed forces of Iraq, the Northern Kurdish “Peshmerga”. Troops have managed to recapture some of the nearby settlements held by the militants. It is assumed that the storm itself the city seized by terrorists could last for several months.

CNN, citing a source in the Iraqi security forces passedthat ISIS militants were executed in Mosul 284 people, most of them men and children. However, people as possible leave the city. According to the red cross, the operation resulted in refugees can be up to 1 million people.

On the eve of U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter visited the Iraqi Erbil, where he met with the leader of the Kurdish insurgents and American soldiers. He noted the professionalism of the Kurdish militia, but reiterated that those losses, as for Mosul, fierce fighting.