Trump called the “Russian investigation” of the infinite and corrupt

Trump called the “Russian investigation” of the infinite and corrupt


Трамп назвал «российское расследование» бесконечным и коррумпированным

The President admitted that the investigation takes him “a huge amount of time and attention”

The US President Donald trump on Wednesday criticised “endless and corrupt” investigating ties between his campaign with Russia, which, by his own admission the President takes his “huge amount of time and attention.”

In a series of tweets on Wednesday morning, the President again condemned the searches conducted by the FBI in the new York office and a hotel Suite his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, during which were seized documents related to the payouts actress adult movie Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen Mcdougal. Cohen paid the women for the fact that they had not been told about his alleged ties with trump in 2006. The President denies that he had relations with these women.

The President once again stated that there was no collusion between his campaign headquarters, and Russia was not, as of obstructing justice on his part (“except that I give back”).

“And now they do the unthinkable and carry out a search in the office of a lawyer in search of information. Terrible!” – wrote the President. In the following tweet, the President criticized spectracolor Mueller and Deputy attorney General kind of Rosenstein.

In one of the tweets trump noted that “very quietly and thoughtfully” engaged in other issues, including the situation in Syria, which previously was reported to have been a chemical attack that claimed more than 40 lives.