Trump calls for tougher voter identification rules

Trump calls for tougher voter identification rules


Трамп призывает ужесточить правила идентификации избирателей

Earlier, the President declared large-scale falsifications on elections of 2016

The US President Donald trump on Thursday called for tougher laws on voter identification. Before trump has dissolved the Commission which was tasked to investigate his allegations of widespread electoral fraud.

The President did not provide any evidence in support of his allegations that the elections of 2016 illegally voted by millions of people. He won the election by ballot in the electoral College, the results of the General voting Democrat Hillary Clinton beat him to it by almost 3 million votes.

Thursday in a series of tweets, trump explained the failure of the Commission to the fact that “many of the predominantly democratic States” refused to share information with voters.

“Americans needed an identity, sometimes in a very strict and clear form, for almost everything… except the most important vote for the people who run the country. We need to strongly promote the identification of voters!”, – wrote trump.

State governments expressed concern about the personal nature of the data requested by the Commission, including the names, part of the social security numbers, data about voting in previous elections and party affiliation. Critics of the Commission also expressed concern that the Commission is trying not only to confirm the approval of the trump of fraud, but also complicate the process of participation in elections for low-income citizens and minorities. Furthermore, States perceive the actions of the President of the United States, as an encroachment on their rights.

As stated by White house spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, trump decided to dismiss the Commission “to the endless legal battles at the expense of taxpayers”. She added that the Department of homeland security will examine the work of the Commission and “will determine its next course of action”.