Trump criticized Ryan and McConnell in connection with the problem of the...

Trump criticized Ryan and McConnell in connection with the problem of the debt ceiling


Трамп подверг критике Райана и Макконнелла в связи с проблемой потолка госдолга

Earlier, the President urged Republican leaders to consider a bill on this issue in conjunction with the bill on appeals of veterans

The President of the United States Donald trump wrote Thursday on Twitter that the legislative “confusion” on the issue of the debt ceiling could be avoided if Republicans had listened to his advice.

“I asked of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to tie the bill to the debt ceiling to a popular bill to appeals of veterans [of the fighting], which was eventually adopted for easy passage. They did not, and now we have a big problem in the face of Democrats, who, as usual, keep the Republicans from approving the debt ceiling. It could be simple, and turned out a mess!”, said trump.

Trump criticized the Republican leader in the Senate and in connection with the health issue. “My only problem in the relationship with Mitch McConnell is that after 7 years of requirements repeal and replace Obamacare, he failed to vote. This wasn’t supposed to happen!”

Recall that for the adoption of the bill on the state debt the Republicans need at least 8 votes from Democrats. In the middle of July there appeared information about the fact that the possibility to bind it to the bill on the veterans of the military actions, but the fact that the initiative came from the President, it became known only after his tweet.