Trump demanded that Mexico stop US-bound immigrants

Trump demanded that Mexico stop US-bound immigrants


Трамп потребовал от Мексики остановить направляющихся в США иммигрантов

The President threatened that otherwise, NAFTA will be in jeopardy

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday warned Mexico that the free trade agreement between the two countries could be jeopardized, if she doesn’t stop caravans of immigrants from Central America heading to the border with the United States.

Trump the third day in a row publishes tweets on the topic of immigration, indignant at the motion of 1,100 migrants from Honduras in the direction of “poorly protected by the law of the boundaries” of the United States.

Early Tuesday morning, the President wrote on Twitter that the caravan of migrants “need to be stopped before he gets there”.

Trump added that at stake is the fate of the North American free trade agreement (NAFTA), which he called the “cash cow” and “financial aid to Honduras and other countries that allow it”. “Congress must take action now!” the President emphasized.

According to representatives of the administration, they are working on a new plan aimed at eliminating “loopholes” in the immigration law. Changes can make possible immediate deportation arriving at the U.S. border unaccompanied children, instead of the protracted process of hearings on deportation, which is provided now.

The administration of the tramp also wants to abolish ruling for twenty years a rule under which law enforcement authorities provide the children of immigrant parents or guardians at the time of the hearings on deportation. According to the authorities, such children are often quickly assimiliate in the United States and subsequently do not attend the hearing.

On Monday evening trump wrote on Twitter: “no matter How ridiculous it may sound, our laws don’t allow us to just send back people who crossed the southern border. For this we have to spend a whole huge hollow procedure. In Mexico and Canada there are strict immigration laws, and our ridicule, abandoned by Obama.”

He added: “Honduras, Mexico and many other countries to which the United States is very generous, sent to our country many of its residents because of our weak immigration policy. There are whole caravans. Need to make tougher laws and build a wall. Democrats allow open borders, letting into the country drugs and crime!”

The fate of immigration initiatives trump in Congress appears uncertain at best.

Lawmakers are unable to resolve disputes on immigration policy. Once again grasp the solution to this issue, Congress ignored the requirement trump to allocate $ 20 billion for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico was not able to reach agreement with the President about the protection of so-called “dreamers” – young undocumented immigrants brought into the country as children.

In the recently adopted budget in the amount of 1.3 billion dollars provided by $ 1.6 billion to strengthen border security with Mexico, but those funds can only be used for repair of existing fences, not building new ones.