Trump explained the need to return Russia to the “Big seven”

Trump explained the need to return Russia to the “Big seven”


Трамп пояснил необходимость возвращения России в «Большую семерку»

Meanwhile, some Democrats in Congress are demanding that the President withdrew his proposal

The President of the United States Donald trump reiterated that he wants Russia again joined the “Big seven”, stressing that it was important to have the possibility of maintaining direct contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia was excluded from the group, which includes France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and US after the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Trump first raised the issue of the return of Russia to the summit “the Big seven” that was held last week in Quebec.

“We spent probably 25 percent of the time for discussion of Russia, and I said that wouldn’t it be better if they were here,” said trump in an interview to Fox News on Wednesday, speaking about the summit. – I’m not for Russia. I am in favor of the United States.”

According to trump, if Putin were present at the meetings, “seven”, the group members could use this opportunity to discuss the situations in Syria and Ukraine.

“For example, if he was present at this meeting, I’d ask him to do things that benefit the world, for the good of the country and to his advantage,” said trump.

However, trump’s offer was met with sharp criticism from Democrats in Congress.

Senator Bob Menendez, the senior Democrat on the Committee on foreign relations, said that he had proposed an amendment to the appropriations bill for the national defense in response to the proposals of the President trump, urging him to immediately withdraw his statement.

In accordance with this amendment, the President must state clearly that the Russian Federation will never join the “seven” until it will stop trying to undermine the rules-based international order, and will not cease its illegal occupation of Crimea.

“No other world leader except President Vladimir Putin, should not seriously think that Russia deserves compensation in the form of membership in the “Big seven” for the illegal occupation of the Crimea, violations of the international order and intervention in the Affairs of democratic States around the world,” said Senator Menendez.

“This amendment is a necessary step that ensures that the United States fulfill its obligations, and that President trump will clearly understand that he is not opposed to an international order based on rules that are advantageous to the United States,” he added.