Trump extended nuclear deal with Iran

Trump extended nuclear deal with Iran


Трамп продлил действие «ядерной сделки» с Ираном

The white house insists on the revision of the agreement with Tehran

President Donald trump on Friday approved new sanctions against Iran, but refrained from imposing the most stringent measures for the refusal of Tehran’s military nuclear program of studies.

At the same time, the White house announced that gives Congress and the European allies of the United States 120 days to “improve” the conditions of the so-called “nuclear deal”. Otherwise, the United States can withdraw from the agreement and impose sanctions against Iranian companies and individuals.

The representative of the administration said that the new sanctions are part of a strategy to counter the “irresponsible and destabilizing behavior” of the Iranian authorities, including the violent suppression of recent protests, causing at least 21 people were killed.

“The United States will not stand by and watch how the Iranian regime continues to violate human rights, – said the representative of the US administration. – We believe that guilty of an event the head of the Iranian regime, including the head of the judicial system of Iran, responsible for the blatant attitude of its citizens imprisoned only because they used their right to peaceful Assembly and for the application of censorship in relation to residents who rose up to protest (actions) of the government.”