Trump: fired, Comey should be jailed

Trump: fired, Comey should be jailed


Трамп: уволенный директор ФБР Коми должен быть заключен в тюрьму

Meanwhile, Komi began a tour to promote his book about the presidency trump

The US President Donald trump said Sunday that dismissed them, FBI Director James Comey, who wrote a critical book on the activities of trump should be jailed, as he was President, revealed classified information and lied to Congress.

Trump brought to Komi a new salvo of criticism for a few hours before the widely publicized TV interview with the former head of the FBI, which has attracted a lot of attention. The book of the Komi Republic “the Highest degree of loyalty” (A Higher Loyalty) will go on sale on Tuesday and have held the highest positions in the bestseller lists thanks to pre-orders.

In his book of the Komi likens trump’s “mafia boss” and calls his presidency “a forest fire”.

“The book of the Komi Republic, which was not well reviewed, it does not answer important questions – for example, how did it happen that he passed classified information to (prison), or why he lied to Congress (prison),” wrote trump on Twitter, apparently having in mind that notes Komi about his private meetings with trump, which he later said publicly, was of a secret nature, which is false. It is unclear what exactly was referring to trump, saying that Komi lied in his testimony to congressional committees.

“I never asked Comey about personal loyalty, said trump, disputing a key statement in Komi Republic. I barely knew this man. Another one of his lies, which are many. His notes only serve his personal purposes and are fake!”

“Slippery, James Comey, the man who always ends badly (he’s stupid!) the worst FBI Director in history at the moment!”

In his book of the Komi writes: “the Current President is immoral and not minded the truth or institutional values. His leadership is tied to the transaction dictated by selfishness and revolve around personal loyalty”.

Komi says that trump was especially concerned about the unproven allegations that in 2013, he watched prostitutes urinated on the bed in a Moscow hotel and asked the Komi Republic to investigate to prove the falsity of these statements.

Komi began a tour to promote his book, which begins with an interview to ABC News on Sunday evening.

Трамп: уволенный директор ФБР Коми должен быть заключен в тюрьму

Trump has put Komi criticized for former FBI Director admitted that when he shortly before the presidential elections in 2016 has resumed an investigation against the opponent’s trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton, in connection with the use of her personal email server at work with secret information when he was Secretary of state, he was considered its leading position in the national pre-election polls.

“Incredibly. James Komi said that take into consideration the polls in which the leader was a fraud, Hillary, when taking decisions on investigations related to email Clinton (how stupid). In other words, he made decisions based on the fact that he believed that she would win, and he needed a job. Bastard!” – wrote trump.

The American leader also returned to the incident in June 2016, when her husband Clinton, former President bill Clinton, met privately with then-attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac at the airport. At the time Lynch was in charge of the FBI’s investigation-related correspondence Hillary Clinton. Few weeks it was announced that Clinton was not asmarino any crimes.

“Komi throws attorney General Lynch under the bus – said trump. – Why don’t we all know what happened on the tarmac at the plane’s tail between Wild bill and Lynch? Maybe she was promised a seat in the Supreme court or continue as attorney-General when the alleged President Clinton – only she’s behind Hillary. No talk about Golf and grandchildren (Oh, please)!”.

Trump also expressed his dissatisfaction with searches, which conducted the FBI’s new York office and apartment of his personal lawyer Michael Cowen. The agents were looking for documents related to money that a lawyer shortly before the election, paid as the price of silence the two women claiming they had an affair with trump for ten years before he became a presidential candidate. Trump rejects both the love affair.

American law guarantees the attorney-client privilege – the confidentiality of conversations of lawyers with their clients if they are not plotting a crime.

“Attorney-client privilege has gone down in history – wrote trump on Twitter. – I have a lot (a lot!) lawyers, and now they’re probably wondering when will the searches of their offices and even homes with the confiscation of everything, including phones and computers. All lawyers are upset and concerned!”