Trump has accused Amazon of tax evasion and the infringement of the...

Trump has accused Amazon of tax evasion and the infringement of the retailers


Трамп обвинил Amazon в неуплате налогов и ущемлении ритейлеров

The President again criticized the largest online retailer in the world

The US President Donald trump on Thursday made a criticism of Amazon, saying that she pays too little tax and excluding from the market retailers.

On Thursday morning, trump wrote on his Twitter account: “I expressed my complaint to Amazon well before the election. Unlike others, they pay state and local authorities, few taxes or not paying them at all, use our email system as your messenger (than US cause huge losses) and wiping out many thousands of retailers”.

Trump has repeatedly accused Amazon of infringing upon the traditional offline retailers. In August last year he wrote in “Twitter”: “Amazon deals a lot of damage to retailers, who pay their taxes honestly. Suffering cities and States across the country lost so many jobs!”

Trump for many years in the confrontation with the founder and head of Amazon Jeff Bezosa, which owns the Washington Post.

In 2015, trump wrote on Twitter: “@washingtonpost suffering huge losses, belongs to Jeff Bezos for reasons of tax cuts for his non-profit company @amazon.”

Bezos responded by joking that he was ready to send trump to space on one of the missiles owned by the company Blue Origin, which owner he is. “Finally, I was criticized Donald trump. I still will reserve him a place on the Blue Origin rocket”, – he wrote on Twitter.

Axios information portal reported on Wednesday, citing five unnamed sources, that trump is going to “haunt” Amazon “obsessed” with this company, believing that it is “preying” on taxpayers and the U.S. Post office.

According to Axios, the President “out loud wondered if there’s any way to rein in Amazon with antitrust legislation.”

As stated by the source, which refers to the publication, “he explained at numerous meetings, that this is a misperception and that the postal service actually makes a lot of money thanks to Amazon.”

After the criticism of trump promotion Amazon on Wednesday have fallen in price more than 4 percent, Rynochnaya the value of the company fell to $ 30 billion.

According to the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders, “no concrete policy initiatives” in relation to Amazon at the moment are not considered, however, the President “always strives to create equal conditions for all companies, and this situation is no different”.

Being an online retailer, Amazon collects taxes in those States where there is sales tax and where the company has a physical presence. With products purchased through intermediaries, no taxes. Critics believe that this gives the company a competitive advantage over traditional retailers who charge sales tax on all purchases.

Amazon, founded in 1994, is the world’s largest online retailer by revenue and market capitalization. Last year the income of the company, with more than 40 subsidiaries, has exceeded 177 billion.