Trump has again criticized the searches of his lawyer, Michael Cohen

Trump has again criticized the searches of his lawyer, Michael Cohen


Трамп вновь подверг критике обыски у своего адвоката Майкла Коэна

The President called the incident “an entirely new level of injustice”

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday again criticized the FBI searches in the new York office and a hotel Suite his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who he called a “witch hunt”.

We will remind, on Monday, FBI agents raided Cohen and seized a number of documents possibly related to his contact with trump.

The us leader said on Twitter: “Attorney-client privilege no longer exists.”

Trump called the searches “a real shame” and added: “It is an attack on our country, in the truest sense. It is an attack on what we all stand for”.

He also called the searches “an entirely new level of injustice” in the investigation of spectracolor Mueller about the Russian intervention in elections and a possible obstruction of justice on the part of trump.

Cohen’s lawyer Steven Ryan explained that the searches were partly based on the recommendation of müller, Federal prosecutors in new York, including Prosecutor Jeffrey Berman, who was appointed in January, attorney General Jeff sessions. Ryan added that Cohen had assisted the authorities.

Lately, Cohen has attracted attention in connection with the payment of 130 000 dollars porn star Stormy Daniels, claiming that she had a relationship with Donald trump. Lawyer porn star Michael Avenatti wrote on Twitter: “When a respected, appointed Republican Prosecutor obtains a valid search warrant with the approval of a judge, and then the professional FBI agents doing their job in seeking the truth is not a witch hunt. And the point”.

Neither the Muller’s office nor the state office of public Prosecutor of the USA searches have not commented on.

Trump, responding to a question about how concerned he the one that can find the FBI agents during the searches, said: “No, I’m not worried”.

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, in the past, the Federal Prosecutor, suggested that the searches are connected with the fact that there was evidence of the destruction or concealment of certain data, because otherwise you can just request the necessary documents. “The exception for fraud/crimes negate the privilege, in criminal cases, a lawyer can testify if he will direct the agenda”, – he wrote on Twitter.

The leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer warned of a trump against the dismissal of Mueller or interference in the investigation. “Republican Mueller revealed a deep and detailed model of Russian interference in our elections, which led to the accusations and confessions. This has also led to the fact that the administration itself trump has tightened sanctions against Russian citizens, which proves that this is not so-called “witch hunt””, – he wrote.