Trump has called for tighter border security

Trump has called for tighter border security


Трамп призвал к ужесточению мер пограничной безопасности

The President said that Republican senators need to review the rules and approve new immigration laws by a simple majority

The US President Donald trump said that agents of the Frontier service can’t do my job properly because of the “ridiculous liberal laws (adopted by the Democrats)” that allows you to release detained illegals before their case will be considered a Federal immigration judge.

Trump wrote on Sunday that the situation is “becoming more dangerous” and that “the caravans [of illegal immigrants] are coming.” He has not provided information to support its statements.

Trump also said that the Republicans, constituting a majority in the Senate, “needs to use the nuclear option and make stringent laws immediately.”

In accordance with the rules of the Senate to approve the bill required 60 votes out of 100. The Republicans hold only 51 seats, and the Republican leaders of the Senate, in fact, has rejected calls for trump to revise the long-standing rule.

Trump also said that “no agreements on the DACA program will not be”. We are talking about assistance to young immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children, often called “dreamers.”