Trump has called on Congress to pass a bill on strengthening of...

Trump has called on Congress to pass a bill on strengthening of protection of borders


Трамп призвал Конгресс принять законопроект об усилении охраны границ

The President admitted the possibility to resort to the “nuclear option” to stop the influx of migrants

The US President Donald trump on Monday called on Congress to pass a bill on immigration. We will remind that the day before he said he did not intend to consider the agreement on the protection of young undocumented immigrants, and threatened to sever trade agreement with Mexico, if she doesn’t make more efforts to strengthen border security with the United States.

“Congress should immediately pass a bill on border security, if necessary resorting to nuclear options to prevent a massive influx of drugs and immigrants… Congress, it is time to act, our country has been stolen!” – trump wrote on Twitter. The “nuclear option” referred to a parliamentary procedure that allows the Senate to decide by a simple majority of votes.

Trump also urged Mexico to stop the flow of migrants to the United States. One of his tweets, apparently contains an allusion to the situation of 1,500 migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, which are part of the so-called “caravan of refugees”, organized by the American organization for the protection of the rights of migrants Pueblo sin Fronteras. Trump called on Mexico to stop these caravans, noting that this is possible because the country has effective legislation on border control.

One of the key points of the electoral agenda trump was the promise to build a wall on the southern border with the United States by requiring Mexico to pay its costs. Mexico refuses to do it.

Previously, trump has said that he is willing to consider an agreement with congressional Democrats on funding the construction of the wall in exchange for the protection of the so-called “dreamers” – young undocumented immigrants brought into the country as children.

The deferred action program for arrivals in the U.S. children (DACA) was put into effect during the presidency of Barack Obama and allowed a minor, which was imported into the United States illegally, to remain in the country legally to work or study. In October, trump announced the closure of this program, however, the courts have ruled that some of its provisions must remain in force until the end of litigation on this issue.

The US is currently also negotiating for the renegotiation of the North American trade free trade agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and the United States.

White house spokesman in a written request for the review has not yet responded.