Trump has criticized the billionaire Koch brothers

Trump has criticized the billionaire Koch brothers


Трамп подверг критике миллиардеров братьев Кох

Dissatisfaction with the President caused the failure of Koch to support their supported candidate in North Dakota

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday criticized the Koch brothers, belonging to the main sponsors of the Republican party. According to the magazine Forbes, David and Charles Koch ranked second among the richest families in the USA. Recall that the discontent of the President has caused the failure of brothers-billionaires to support their supported candidate in North Dakota.

“The globalists Qax, who have become a laughing stock in these Republican circles, are against strong borders and a powerful trade – trump wrote on Twitter. – I never sought their support because they do not need their money or bad ideas. They like my program to reduce taxes and regulation, my candidates for the posts of judges and so on. Thanks to me, they enriched”.

“Their network is overrated, I beat them on all counts. They want to protect their companies abroad from us taxes, I also defend the interests of America and American workers, and I’m not anyone’s puppet. Two cute guy with bad ideas. Make America great again”!

A word about the puppet Donald trump used two years earlier, when between him and the Koch brothers there was no agreement on the question of the financing of his election campaign.

According to some media reports, in the current situation, the Koch brothers can support politicians-Democrats.